“Will we get back together & is he with another woman, or man?”

Mercury has been retrograde in his own sign of Gemini since May 19th (2015) and during that time several clients have asked me some version of this question.

So far, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) the answer has been “No,” but Mercury Retrograde (Rx) always brings questions like this to astrologers who use Horary (or Prashna) astrology as one of their astrological tools.

Here is the delineation of this Horary question:

The querent (person asking the question) is a woman and she is represented by the 1st house lord as usual, which in this case is the Sun, representing her “head,” and because she is the querent, she gets the Moon to represent her “heart.” Because she is a woman, she also gets Venus.

The quested, the guy she is asking about, is the 7th lord, Saturn. Normally, he would also get the Sun to represent him as “man,” but the Sun is already being used by the querent, so Saturn is going to have to represent both his head and him as man.

The first thing we look for is “motivation,” and then “opportunity.” Motivation is how the people involved feel about each other, which is shown by how the planets “feel” about each other. Then we look for an “opportunity,” which is an aspect between one or more of their planets.

Even if they are madly in love (they’re not) and can’t bear to be away from each other, but there is no aspect, they won’t get back together. If there are lots of opportunities (aspects) to see each other, but they don’t have strong enough romantic feelings for each other, then they won’t get back together then either.

How She Feels About Him

Looking at her planets first, we can see that her “head” (the Sun) likes him (the ex-boyfriend) by triplicity, which is about an 7-8 on a scale of 1 to 10, but it’s not necessarily romantic in nature. She “hates” Jupiter, whatever Jupiter is representing, it rules her 5th house of fun, romance, sex, and children, and his 2nd house of esteem. She is probably hating that the romance has ended and she has lost his “esteem” for her.

Venus, her as woman, is in Cancer showing that she is concerned about her heart, and this part of her really dislikes him (Saturn), and “hates” whatever Mars represents even more (I think it’s communication, or the lack of it). The Moon, her “heart” is ruled by itself, so she is concerned about her heart here, and her heart too shows that she doesn’t like him very much at all (she’s probably hurt and angry), and hates Mars too.

Both the Moon and Venus are in “mute” water signs, so she is not talking to him about these feelings. These two planets are showing a lack of motivation to get back together with him (even though her “head” likes him), even though they are both “exalting” Jupiter (exaltation is a strong positive feeling not quite based on reality), which is ruling her 5th house of romance, fun, sex, and children, and his 2nd house of esteem.

She wants to be in a relationship, and loves his attention/wants his esteem, but she doesn’t like the way he makes her feel as a woman and her heart deeply dislikes him too.

Notice also that the Moon is in the last few degrees of Cancer and will soon go into the sign of Leo. Any planet in the sign of Leo “hates” Saturn, and in a long-term kind of way because Leo is a fixed sign. Leo is considered “feral” too, which shows that she will hate him with a passion! Her heart will belong firmly to herself again.

How He Feels About Her

How does he feel about her? Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius shows that he likes her by triplicity too, which is nice, but not necessarily romantic, he could just like her as a friend. It’s interesting that she asked if he was with another woman – or a man, because Saturn is considered to be a “neuter” planet (Mercury is too), and often represents a person who is homosexual or bisexual. Sagittarius is a “feral” sign also, so neither one of them will be well-behaved if they get back together and break-up again.

Notice, that Saturn is retrograde and will be going into Scorpio very soon where it will “hate” both Venus and the Moon!

Saturn “hates” Mercury, which rules his 5th house of fun, romance, sex and children, and his 9th house of marriage. Mercury rules her 2nd and 3rd houses. This is showing that he is not really interested in romance at this time, and there may be something about the way she communicates (her 3rd) that he doesn’t like, or it could be the lack of communication he really doesn’t like.

(The planets don’t really hate each other, of course, and the two people they represent may not actually “hate” each other either, it’s just the best word to convey the intensity of the negative feelings).

She said that he had a bitter divorce not too long ago, so Mercury could be his ex-wife, and he is not interested in repeating that experience.

To answer her question about whether or not he is with another woman or a man, the answer is no, he is not, because his planet is not with (conjunct) another planet, nor has it been with another planet recently, so he has not been with anyone else.

Mercury and Mars is “combust” the Sun, and we weren’t really sure what Jupiter represents (I think it’s just romance in this case, it’s in a sign that is definitely not good for him, whatever it is). Whatever Mercury represents, she is not able to see it clearly right now, and he isn’t either, because the Sun is too bright for any planets close to it to be seen. Mars is combust too, so what it represents is also not clear at this time, though it’s probably the lack of contact between them because Mars rules his 3rd house of communication.

The “Opportunity”

Saturn, her ex-boyfriend, is retrograde, so he is likely thinking of getting back together with her, but her planet, the Sun, is approaching an opposition aspect with his planet.  An opposition aspect represents “getting back together and going apart again with regret.”

The Judgment

Basically, the chart is showing that the answer is “No,” and that even if they get back together (this is unlikely considering how her heart and “woman” side is feeling about him), they would break up again pretty quickly and they would regret trying to make it work again. Neither one is in love with the other, and even though their “heads” like each other, it’s not enough.


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