Recommended Relationship Resources

Love is In the Stars, The Wise Woman’s Astrological Guide to Men by Carol Allen

This is the best e-book on using astrology to find, and understand, your mate that I have ever read. Full of wisdom on having and keeping a good relationship and how to recognize the guy or girl for you without having to know astrology! The “planetary type” profiles are especially helpful (you will recognize yourself and your mate pretty easily). Carol is not only an astrologer with decades of experience helping women find love, but a Relationship Coach too.  This is the relationship and astrology e-book that I wish I had written!

I will be eternally grateful to her because she is the one who turned me on to Ernst Wilhelm, the genius Vedic astrology teacher that I learned the Vedic Compatibility and the Relationship Capacity techniques from. Knowing these techniques have literally changed my life personally (I finally found the answers about past relationships that I had been searching for most of my adult life) and have made me a much better astrologer too!

This link will bring you to a site to see a video with Carol, plus access to all of her amazing information on Vedic astrology, the Vedic Compatibility Technique, Relationship Capacity, her uncomparable and best-in-the-field CD and DVD programs on how to stop being single (the astrological signatures of perpetual singledom in your birth chart and what to do about it), relationship skills (key for keeping your relationship happy), her Right Man Report, Cycles of Saturn (love-blocking time periods) report, and much more.

I recommend any of her information products and her informative newsletters with my whole heart!

Lydia Waruzcynski, Love Educator, of Let’s Talk About Love  •

Lydia is the relationship expert we interviewed on the Astrology Fundamentals Radio show at BlogTalkRadio on November 3, 2011. We didn’t get to tell you enough about her, so here is her web address so you can learn more. She has a lot of experience and wisdom to share, plus she’s been happily married to the same man for many years. She’s a great cook known for her fantastic banana bread!

Getting To I Do by Dr. Pat Allen and Sandra Harmon

Pat Allen is one of the original pioneers in understanding and explaining the complimentary differences between the sexes. She has a very down-to-earth way of speaking and uses entertaining, clear examples to explain her ideas. An excellent therapist who has also trained many other therapists to help men and women get to together, she is so popular, she practically has a cult following.

Many people have adopted and incorporated her ideas into their own work because they are so effective. She clearly explains what the feminine energy partner (whether it’s the woman or the man) brings to a relationship, and what the masculine energy person brings (again, whether the man or the woman).

If you’re not sure which one you want to be, or if you’re in a gay relationship, and you need to know what it actually looks like to be either one (all relationships have this polarity to some extent), this book is the best guide you’ll find.

The Truth About Men Will Set You Free:..but first it’ll p*ss you off! by Dr. Pat Allen and Don Schmincke

More vintage Pat Allen, useful and entertaining at the same time. Men and woman are wired very differently from each other, and understanding how men are made, and accepting it leads to fulfilling relationships with them. Trying to make a guy more like a woman is impossible, and when you understand how men are really wired, you enjoy the differences, and have more peace and satisfaction in your love life.

Every Man Sees You Naked by David M. Matthews

This book is just fun. I laughed my head off because so much of it is so true. This information is very useful to women who have no idea what men are really like, but would like to know, or be reminded of what they forgot. It’s inspiring!

Lauren Frances – Love Coach, Author, and Founder of The Institute of Romantic Research

Lauren is a fantastic love coach for the modern woman. She teaches how to find out in the first few dates whether or not the man fits your romantic goals, how to listen for “lemon drops” (men will tell you the truth about themselves if you know how to ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and believe what they say).

She teaches you how to market yourself on-line in a way that automatically eliminates the wrong guys and magnetizes the right guys. Some of her graduates went from very few responses from the wrong guys, to literally hundreds of eligible men responding in one week (no exaggeration)!

She is so popular and effective that her book, Mating, Dating, and Manhandling, originally $21, is now selling for over a hundred dollars! She has a fun, light-hearted style of teaching, but what she is teaching profound and life-changing.

The Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage by David Cunningham  •

This guy really has a clue about women and what they want, need and who they are. He has very do-able advice for men on how to turn around a relationship that is in trouble, or how to get into a healthy relationship in the first place. He teaches men how to be the man they naturally already are (but have been programmed out of), which is, of course, naturally attractive to women.

Women will find his book very interesting too as he explains what a mature, intelligent, ATTRACTIVE, man is like and how he acts with a woman. You can tell David likes women and understands them like few men ever have. He is known for turning around relationships on the brink of divorce or breakup and helping people create the “hot and healthy” relationship of their dreams.

Have the Relationship You Want (ebook) by Rori Raye  •

I find Rori’s work to be very beautiful. She has a lovely outlook on how to be the beautiful woman you are already are and how to stop performing for love and being “nice” at your own expense. When you learn how to focus on yourself and live in your body and heart, you automatically become the feminine woman men yearn to be with in the most romantic way possible. Full of fun, step-by-step exercises and advice. I especially like her Modern Siren CD program.

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