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How Does Jupiter Influence Your Relationships?

Jupiter is known for representing and producing the husband in a woman’s birth chart. Jupiter is the faith, spirituality, grace, wealth, children, happiness and more. So what does Jupiter have to do with your love life and how does it affect your marriage or future marriage? 

This is the second to the last video I did with Ryan Kurczak on the planets as they affect relationships.  I crack up every time I see the expression on my face here! And Ryan looks so serious, but he actually jokes around with me a lot :-)

If you would like to get a deeper understanding of your husband, or how you can be a better husband, or what your future husband will be like, look at Jupiter in your birth chart and your navamsa, D9 chart (if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, get your FREE birth chart at my website here. There is a short video at the top of that page explaining how to read it).

Of course, you can also just consult with me to find out all about your Jupiter, your “spouse-producer planet, your 7th house of partners, your past and future relationship “karma,” and much more through the Ready-for-Love consultation (see below). There is much to say about Jupiter, the great benefic and bringer of happiness in your love life.

The Ready-for-Love Consultation is the perfect investment for yourself if you are single and ready to show up 100% for love, or for your relationship if you’re a couple. If relationships are not working out for you, find out exactly why, and exactly what to do about it, according to your personal love map as shown in your birth chart.

If you are in a relationship and having trouble & doubts, or would like to take it from okay to great, then this reading is excellent for seeing what is going on, what each partner most needs, what the energetic patterns are (powerful for getting rid of guilt, blame, and shame), and how to keep the tension between the need for security, and the need for novelty and excitement, balanced.

Just email me ( and set-up an appointment this month, and receive a BONUS that will enhance your love life (hint: it has to do with auspicious directions for finding your mate, objects, colors in your home, and the most lucky planetary transit periods for you as they relate to relationship).

If you have any questions or comments about the video, please email me because for some reason I can’t figure out the comments are disabled in my WordPress theme, no matter what I do. I hope you enjoy the video on Jupiter and relationships as much as Ryan and I enjoyed making it!



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