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With Horary astrology it’s possible to ask questions about nearly anything on earth! The chart is cast at the time you ask the question (your birthday information is not necessary), and the answer can be read in great detail!

Will He Call Again? Did I Talk Too Much on Our Date?

Here is an example of a Relationship Horary Question chart. I have omitted the names of the people involved to protect confidentiality. The person asking the question is always the Querent and the person asked about is the Quested. Even if you don’t understand the astrology symbols, by reading it you could still get a… Continue Reading


VENUS in PISCES – The Romantic Dream & “Is He Feeling What I’m Feeling & When Will I Get Over Him?”

If you have an ex-lover returning to you now, or if you are sensing that he/she is thinking about you, they are probably “exalting” you in some way. Exaltation is a sincere feeling, but it’s based on an idealized version of you, or of love, and is not built to last. Continue Reading


“Will You Profit from Taking the Course, or Training?” Horary Astrology Answers This Question

You may be thinking of furthering your education in one way or the other to increase your salary, change your career, or get a job. Any education that furthers your skills, talents, abilities are usually good, but what if you choose the wrong class, at the wrong time, or one that ends up costing you… Continue Reading


Do You Really Want to Know the Truth About Your Relationships? How Horary Astrology Can Help

If you are brave enough to want to know the truth and if you can handle it once you know, then Horary Astrology can give you the answers you most want about your relationship. Though it could mean the relationship you thought you were in is only in your mind (you are doing ALL the… Continue Reading


How to Pronounce “Horary”

Hello everyone, This is the second version my website, and this version now includes articles that I hope will be useful to you. I will be writing on forms of astrology that you likely have not heard of before and that will bring insights into yourself, your relationships, your vocation(s), and your spiritual identity in… Continue Reading


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