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With Horary astrology it’s possible to ask questions about nearly anything on earth! The chart is cast at the time you ask the question (your birthday information is not necessary), and the answer can be read in great detail!

If You Have “Mahendra,” But Low Overall Compatibility, is it Worth It?

The Vedic Compatibility Technique shows whether or not a couple has something extra-special called “Mahendra” together. This is a magical, special, and “rightness” feeling you can have with someone. It creates longevity, well-being, gives children, indicates a special affinity and friendship, and most importantly, it adds a deep feeling of meaning and purpose between the couple. When a couple has this between them, it can help with other compatibility blemishes. But, if you have a low compatibility score overall (there are 15 areas of compatibility that this technique measures), is it worth it?

This is the first question that Nicole Brenny is asking me in this (PART 1 of 3) video interviews. We talk about the Vedic Compatibility technique in much more depth than usual in this conversation. Here are the other questions she asked me and that we discussed:

  • What does Mahendra feel like? How rare is Mahendra?
  • What about Vasya (also known as Magnetic Attraction – the other extra special feeling you can have with someone)? What does it feel like? How rare is it?
  • Is it worth dating someone if you have Vasya (Magnetic Attraction) with them, but low overall compatibility?
  • Which of the 15 areas of compatibility seem to be the most important? Which area of compatibility is disastrous if the score is low, and what part of compatibility do I want to see with a high score?
  • What shows the sexual compatibility, is there something beyond the Yoni compatibility that shows that?
  • What about Fertility and Children?
  • Do you do readings for people who are having affairs?
  • And more.

Nicole Brenny is a long-time Tarot card reader, lover of metaphysics, and is studying both astrology and the Cards of Truth with Ernst Wilhelm. She has a new YouTube channel with interviews of people on topics that I think you’ll like. Give her a thumbs up and subscribe to her channel!

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FORECAST: A Romantic Full Moon Christmas

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