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Pt. 3 – Affairs, Fertility, & Past Life Connections in Relationships

This is the last video in the three-part series of my conversation with Nicole Brenny, card reader extraordinaire, of Listen to the Stars on YouTube. We talk about whether or not I do readings for people who are having affairs (yes), what astrology can tell us about fertility and having children, the dangers of seeing the sexes as being the same, what it means when Ketu is on certain planets in your partner’s birth chart (and visa versa), and more. 

SEE Special Offer on my Ready-for-Love Consultation below the video!

SPECIAL OFFER: If you or your partner has had an affair and you’re wondering if the relationship can be saved, get the Ready-for-Love consultation to understand exactly what happened, how to keep it from happening again, how to balance the need for security vs. the need for adventure in your relationship, and the individual Relationship Capacity issues that may have been involved.  

NOTE: You do not have to be in a relationship to greatly benefit from the Ready-for-Love reading. You can be single, divorced, widowed, married or in a long-term relationship! It’s for anyone wanting a better love life.

Just email me ( and set-up an appointment by July 16th, to receive the Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report as a BONUS. You will have the recording of our consultation and the written report to remind you of what is already great between you, and where you can creatively grow together as a couple.


Love Preventing or Love Destroying Blemishes in Vedic Astrology

Here is the second video in the three-part series with the lovely Nicole Brenny at her YouTube channel Listen to the Stars. Nicole is asking me questions about the Vedic Compatibility Technique and we talk about what makes a relationship great and what can get in the way as shown in the birth charts. I… Continue Reading


If You Have “Mahendra,” But Low Overall Compatibility, is it Worth It?

The Vedic Compatibility Technique shows whether or not a couple has something extra-special called “Mahendra” together. This is a magical, special, and “rightness” feeling you can have with someone. It creates longevity, well-being, gives children, indicates a special affinity and friendship, and most importantly, it adds a deep feeling of meaning and purpose between the… Continue Reading


The Surprising Importance of Saturn in Your Relationships

Saturn is surprisingly important to the long-term success of your relationships, especially in marriage. If Saturn is weak or too afflicted in the navamsa (marriage chart), then the relationship lacks longevity and the ability to handle the painful aspects of life, and the inevitable ebbs that are part of every relationship. Here is the final video… Continue Reading


How Does Jupiter Influence Your Relationships?

Jupiter is known for representing and producing the husband in a woman’s birth chart. Jupiter is the faith, spirituality, grace, wealth, children, happiness and more. So what does Jupiter have to do with your love life and how does it affect your marriage or future marriage?  This is the second to the last video I did… Continue Reading


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