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Astrology is a wonderful vehicle to self-knowledge and self-acceptance, which leads to understanding and acceptance of others. Knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is the greatest power of all. The types of astrology used are Vedic astrology with the tropical zodiac, including Jaimini Vedic astrology, and traditional western Horary astrology, the astrology of answering your specific urgent personal questions.

Monday Moon Message: Moon-Venus Combinations & the Attachment Theory Shift

Moon-Venus & Attachment TheoryThe Moon and Venus in the same sign, in opposite signs, is a difficult combination for fulfillment in relationship. Why? It seems like two “sweet” planets like the Moon and Venus would be great together, and they are – for career – but not for love.

The Moon is about getting our personal emotional needs met and Venus is about the needs of the relationship where both people strive for an equal exchange of energy between them.

When a person has the Moon and Venus together in the same sign, opposite each other, or strongly aspecting in any other way, they struggle to find fulfillment in relationships because whatever their partner does for them it never feels like enough.

Or, they expect to have ALL of their needs fulfilled only through their relationship and the relationship then becomes all about that person and their emotional needs (I do want to say, however, that this combination is good for the “one-on-many” way of evolving, for example a celebrity and their audience, or a therapist and their clients).

The relationship is usually all about that person and their needs, or all about the other person, or they flip-flop back and forth, but there is not the natural give and take that a healthy relationship enjoys. The other person in the relationship, and the relationship itself, gets starved and the Moon/Venus person feels like they can’t get enough, no matter how much the relationship revolves around their emotional needs.

We need to be able to fulfill at least some of our personal needs independently because it’s not possible to get all of our emotional needs met by another person, certainly not all the time.

Do We Have a Moon-Conjunct-Venus Culture?

Wired for Love-Moon-Venus Combinations & Attachment TheoryIn the book, Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin, PsyD (another book I highly recommend), Attachment theory is pointing out that as a culture, modern marriage has been based on getting our personal needs met first, often at the expense of the relationship itself and that is why so many marriages fail.

The Attachment theory idea is that if we tend to the relationship first, then both people will get their needs met far better than if they had strived to get their personal needs met through their marriage in the first place.

In other words, the relationship is not about the particular individuals involved but about the union itself. Instead of saying something like “Our fights are ruining our marriage because he doesn’t listen to me and I get even more angry at him because of it,” which is based on the individual’s theory on why the relationship isn’t working, it’s better to say something like We don’t have the skills to disagree without hurting each other.”

In a way, it’s like our whole modern culture is a Moon conjunct Venus culture and marriage is all about us personally. The remedy is the same for a couple as it for a person who has Moon/Venus combinations – do what’s good for the relationship first and it will automatically be good for us individually because a strong, secure relationship makes it possible to do anything out in the world.

It is, and isn’t, this simple, of course, but I’ve been thinking about how Attachment styles and astrology go together and how they can support each other. My friend and colleague, Channing Ayers, and I will be talking about this in depth in our upcoming videos starting next week, and we will be doing short free readings too on your attachment styles. We have already had an enthusiastic response from you and we have way more then 10 people wanting readings!

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