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Astrology is a wonderful vehicle to self-knowledge and self-acceptance, which leads to understanding and acceptance of others. Knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is the greatest power of all. The types of astrology used are Vedic astrology with the tropical zodiac, including Jaimini Vedic astrology, and traditional western Horary astrology, the astrology of answering your specific urgent personal questions.

Video Series: The Sun & Moon in Love – The Role of ALL the Planets in Relationships

Hi Everyone,

Just in case you thought I dropped off the face of the earth, I have been doing something for you. I just finished doing a series of videos with Ryan Kurczak on the role of each planet in relationships.

Venus is the planet that produces romantic relationships, that is true, but all of the planets play an important role in love. (Some of you may already know about the relationship video series because you’re subscribed to Ryan’s YouTube channel, but many of you may not be).

We talk about each planet, what we look for in the birth chart, what specifically each planet does in relationships, what to do when a planet is causing problems in your love life (any planet can help or hinder your relationships), and more.

There are seven videos, one for each planet, and each will be released over the next several weeks.

Here is the first video in the series on the Sun in relationships.

And, here is the second video in the series on the Moon in relationships.

I’d love to hear what you think and if there are other videos on other subjects that you would like me to do also.

It’s questions and requests from you that inspire me to create blog posts and videos. I’m all ears, just let me know what you would like.

More on the Signs Coming Up

I’m still working on the rest of the signs of the zodiac, and they will be in video slideshows instead of blog posts from now on because it was just taking up too much of my time writing everything that I was writing about each signs. I wore myself out!

I was writing about the sign, and the planet that rules the sign, the portraits of women in the sign, portraits of men in the sign, Venus in the sign, and then finally what Jaimini says about the sign when it’s the self-producer planet in the navamsa. Obviously, I need to write a book about the signs!

In the slideshow-video format, it feels like it’s more fun and less tiring for me. I hope you enjoy them (coming soon).

If you’d like to know how the planets in your birth chart play a role in your relationships, contact me for the Ready-for-Love reading. See the Special below:

SPECIAL OFFER: Find out how the planets in your chart are expressed in your relationships, for good and for not-so-good (and what to do about it). 
In the Ready-for-Love consultation, you get a FREE relationship Horary chart, so if there is someone special you hope will return to you, you could ask me this question and the Horary chart will tell you the answer!
Then, of course, if you also have the birth data of this person, we would look at the Relationship Capacity and the Compatibility between you to see what will flow easily between you and what areas you’ll need to put more conscious effort into to make the relationship work long-term.
     LEARN MORE about the Ready-for-Love reading (there is much more to it). **If you sign-up for the Ready-for-Love reading by December 31st, you get it for $111.00 ($12.00 OFF).
     EMAIL ME at, and we’ll find out what has been in your way to life long happiness in love.

UP NEXT: A video tutorial on how to create and read the new chart calculator with extra information tables and varga charts.






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