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Astrology is a wonderful vehicle to self-knowledge and self-acceptance, which leads to understanding and acceptance of others. Knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is the greatest power of all. The types of astrology used are Vedic astrology with the tropical zodiac, including Jaimini Vedic astrology, and traditional western Horary astrology, the astrology of answering your specific urgent personal questions.

Q&A: “What are some of the ways I can strengthen Venus in my life?”

If you have questions about astrology, email me and I’ll answer them. Here is a question I received from an astrology student last June:


Hi Karen,

What are some of the ways I can strengthen Venus in my life? I feel like the planets I mainly need to work on are Venus and Jupiter – the two benefics (NOTE: He has Venus debilitated in Virgo and Jupiter “starved” by being with Saturn in his birth chart).

Is it possible you could provide me with some questions for beginning a Venus journal? What other ways are there to strengthen Venus?



Hi Elion,

Here are some questions to work with for Venus. Write on the questions that attract you first, and every week on Fridays (Venus’ day), answer the same question again every week until you start getting better answers and you have established a new way of being. Then move on to the next question you’re attracted to.

Hope you are doing well and still enjoying working with the Jupiter questions. How is it going?

Venus Questions:

  1. What are my comforts? Do they enhance my life and truly satiate me, or are they ultimately bad for me? (Yes, I’m talking about the legal sugar addiction too)!
  2. Am I able to make choices and evaluate the true worth of an item, a demand on my time, the man/woman who is pursuing me? Do I need to learn to make better decisions about love?
  3. When something painful happens, am I able to comfort myself in a healthy way?
  4. Am I able to be satisfied, or do I always feel like I can’t get enough no matter what I do?
  5. Am I respected in my relationships, or do I tend to get into one-down positions, am I able to maintain an equal exchange of energy between myself and the other person?
  6. Do I have the confidence to flirt and/or initiate a romantic relationship?
  7. Am I diplomatic, or do I tend to say whatever comes into my head and have to fix my relationships as a result?

Let me know if you have any questions about these questions.


Divine Time Astrology

Why Is Elion Working on the Two Benefic Planets Venus & Jupiter?

Because Venus and Jupiter are the two planets that make us feel like life is worth living. When these two planets are challenged in the birth chart, happiness, comfort, meaning, purpose, pleasure, and good relationships can be lacking. This makes life much harder and doesn’t give a lot to look forward to. 

These planets may have other planets helping them, so there are other ways life can be enjoyable, but if you want to influence your planets (in your psyche) to make them more conscious and therefore more productive, journaling can be the quickest and most profound way to do it, especially if you have an intellectual need to understand how the planets show up in your life.

In the next Q & A blog post, I’ll show you his answer on his Jupiter Journal :-)

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