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Your birth chart reveals your basic temperament and what what foods, drinks, and lifestyle practices are best to create and maintain vibrant health. The planets individually can have an impact on your health too.

DTA001: Astrology & Ayurveda-End of Summer wRyan Kurczak

This is the first Divine Time Astrology Podcast! We’re really just picking up where we left off with the Astrology Fundamentals2 BlogTalkRadioShow, but with a new format. Monthly Cosmic Climate Astrological Forecast I will be doing a monthly forecast on the first of the month, starting October 2013, with regular guest Dr. Steve Moreau, Chinese… Continue Reading


Chart Example: How to Tell if Your Venus Needs Help

ADDENDUM to the article titled Venus Series Part II: How to Tell if Your Venus Needs Help & What to Do About it if it Does. I won’t be able to explain WHY Venus is considered to be damaged in certain signs and circumstances because it too much to write about here, but this will… Continue Reading


Venus Series Part II: How to Tell if YOUR Venus Needs Help & What to Do About it if it Does

Last week I promised to tell you how you can know if Venus in your birth chart is “damaged” or “afflicted,” and the various remedies used to strengthen or help Venus. You may  already know that Venus is in trouble in your birth chart because you’ve had an astrological reading before. If not, this is… Continue Reading


Venus Series Part 1: 10 Ways to Get More Pleasure, Comfort, & Fulfillment in Your Life, Right Now!

How Do You Comfort Yourself? Why is it that some people can eat just one cookie, have only a few bites of a rich dessert, take single chocolate from the box of See’s Candies and leave the rest for later, or have just a lone beer, glass of wine, or shot of scotch, all evening?… Continue Reading


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