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Your birth chart reveals your basic temperament and what what foods, drinks, and lifestyle practices are best to create and maintain vibrant health. The planets individually can have an impact on your health too.

The Sign of Cancer in the Svamsa – Your Spiritual Struggle & Path to Fulfillment

The very first thing I look for when I start working on a new birth chart, is the soul planet, in both the main birth chart (called the Atmakaraka) and the navamsa (called the Svamsa) because it is what everything else in the chart is based on. This one planet shows the essence of the person, what careers they are here to do, their most important spiritual growth tasks, and more (the planet at the highest degree is the Atmakaraka, not counting the nodes of the Moon or Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus).

AK Venus in Taurus in birthchart & in Leo in Navamsa
AK Venus in Taurus in birthchart & in Leo in Navamsa

There is potential for great spiritual growth by working with and through the meaning of the sign the Svamsa is in, according to the ancient Vedic Jaimini technique. This is stuff you’ve likely never heard about the sign of Cancer before!

The Svamsa is the soul planet (AK) in the Navamsa, the 9th divisional (varga) chart that Vedic astrologers are always talking about.

The Svamsa represents the human soul, the ego (from which comes the sense of separation from the divine and other humans), and the difficulties which pushes and pulls us along the path to self-realization (re-union with our hearts –  where the divine dwells within).

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GET YOUR FREE BIRTH CHART: If you don’t know if your Svamsa is in the sign of Cancer or not, get your free chart here, complete with all the divisional charts, including the 9th divisional chart (navamsa) where you can look for your AK planet and Free Birth Chart @ www.vaultoftheheavens.comsee what sign it’s in (Find your AK in the upper right hand table, then look for the planet in the box labeled AK, check to see what sign that planet is in in the main birth chart – the big box on the upper left – then scroll down to the bottom section where you will see several small charts with numbers in the middle, look for the number “9” in the middle of the small chart, then find the AK planet in that small chart, and note the sign it is in – that is your Svamsa).

This will still apply to you to an extent if you have your AK in the sign of Cancer, the Sun, Moon, or your Ascendant (aka the rising sign, first house, or lagna), all being “self factors” representing the self in various ways.

Svamsa in the Sign of Cancer

Cancer Zodiac SignIf you have the Svamsa in the sign of Cancer, you will live far from your place of birth, have attachments to foreign places or foreign people, or you may work in a company that is primarily owned and run by people from a foreign country. There is usually a love of travel and a fascination with how people from other cultures live, think, believe. If you can’t actually do the traveling you’d like to do, you do it through books and movies.

Your Spiritual Purpose & Challenge

You are very sensitive and there can be emotional imbalances and neediness as a result of inner emptiness, or a type of “divine discontent” that can only be fulfilled by inner spiritual awakenings. If you try to get your inner emotional emptiness filled only by things of the world, including human relationships, you will tend to suffer constantly from depression and feelings of lack in yourself and your circumstances.

This deep despondency causes the further suffering of a lack of motivation, or there is a fearfulness about following the inner promptings that would lead to self-renewal (because Mars, the planet of action and courage, is very weak in the sign of Cancer).

According to the ancient Indian saint, Jaimini, the key is to practice an attitude of gratitude daily, appreciating every little thing, down to the pillow you sleep on at night and the smallest of kindnesses from others. When you become adept at keeping your mind centered in your heart, you will experience true emotional fulfillment, the fulfillment you’ve been craving your whole life.

Jupiter-journalYou can do this in your mind, or you can write it down in a daily journaling practice, which is more powerful than doing just in your mind, and journaling will reveal your heart to you in unexpected and surprising ways. Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, so writing down at least five (a Jupiter number) things everyday that you’re grateful for would lift your spirits and fill you with more and more energy over time.

If you want to really amplify it, write down five things you’re grateful for in every area of your life such as health, personal talents and abilities, relationships, nature, and work (even if you don’t have a job or a business right now, you have talents and abilities, unique to you, that the world needs).

There are many heart-centered meditation practices such as the Heart Math method, that would help to further awaken your heart chakra and attract amazing experiences and a sense of connection to all of life. Your intuition will be more powerful than ever and you’ll come to completely trust your inner guidance.

Here is a fascinating TED talk about the intelligence of the heart.

Physical Aspects

Cold-Hands-And-FeetThere is often a coldness of hands and feet, and every client I’ve ever had with the Svamsa in Cancer has verified this! Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer, so coldness in the feet from circulation problems could result. One of my Cancer Svamsa clients even has Reynaud’s disease where the hands and feet get unusually cold.

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract, Formula 6, an excellent product with significant scientific research behind it, could be very helpful for the microcirculation in your hands and feet. Learn more about Kyolic here. (I don’t get paid for this, I just personally think Kyolic is an excellent product).

Of course, exercise is very helpful with circulation problems and exercise also strengthens Mars, the planet that helps us to take action and exert effort to solve a problem or right a wrong.

If you have any blood disorders, from anemia, to more serious issues, the Cancer Svamsa suggests it’s because there is a negativity and emotional frustration that has become deep-seated keeping you from being able to meet life’s difficulties with cheerfulness and optimism (Jupiter qualities).

There may be people in your life that have deeply disappointed you and it could be eating away at you (Cancer is in a “mute” sign, and is a gentle feminine sign, so you tend to keep it inside and suffer in silence). No doubt, this is where the expression “there is bad blood between us” comes from.

I’m a big fan of psychotherapy and coaching, I personally think everyone could benefit from either or both because they are such a wonderful vehicles for self-growth and transformation. If you are a Cancer Svamsa person, you could benefit greatly as you have a greater than average capacity for spiritual growth.

The Brahmin Signs

HelenKellerQuoteThe water signs are of the Brahmin caste which means you tend to love knowledge for it’s own sake and have compassion for the suffering of mankind. You wish to contribute something of lasting value to the world that will increase happiness and provide knowledge that benefits everyone. You will tend to be attracted to the sciences, including the spiritual sciences, and you know there is an order behind the order that governs us all.

Devotion is your main way of growing spiritually because Cancer is a water sign, and being truly devoted to anything, whether it be to a person, a body of knowledge, or a cause, it doesn’t matter what it is, really, it will eventually bring you enlightenment and the greatest of happiness.

I’m still not finished writing about the sign of Cancer, so the next blog post will be more about Cancer and what Cancer is like in love relationships, so stay tuned!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANCER! If you schedule your Yearly Birthday Consultation (Varshaphala) by July 31, 2016, you’ll get 12% OFF the normal price of $105, for a total of $92.40. What is the theme of the your birthday year? What are the important events you can look forward to, and what are your spiritual lessons of the year? FIND OUT if it is one of the most significant years of your life!



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