Monday Moon Message: Were You Born During the 1st Quarter Moon?

Find the Sun in your birth chart & use this graphic to see where your Moon is in relationship to your Sun.

Now that the holidays are essentially over, we’re back to talking about the phase the Moon was in when you were born, and what that means. The last phase we talked about was the waxing Crescent Moon and this week is the brighter Waxing First Quarter Moon.

If you were born during the Waxing First Quarter Moon (see diagram on the left), then your mindset (the Moon is the Mind) is about bringing light into the darkness; wherever the darkness of ignorance is found in your world.

This Moon phase is in a “square” or 90 degree angle from the Sun signifying the push of intense involvement and manifestation in the outer world. This is where the dreams of the waxing crescent Moon become concrete reality. 

Achieving these solid, tangible results involves compromise between the ideal and what reality actually requires. The end result may not be exactly what you ideally had in mind, but instead will be in whatever form it needs to be in order to exist at all.

Waxing Quarter Moon_Embroidery by

You have the soul of a activist, you are an advocate for the underdog. You will often be required to sacrifice your personal desires for the sake of the cause, even becoming a martyr, if necessary (though it usually isn’t required if you can compromise).

You tend to have a strong sense of purpose even when you’re not sure exactly what that purpose is (check out the Your Great Work consultation if you are struggling with this). This lifetime, to paraphase Steven Forrest in his book The Book of the Moon, is about “winning one,” leaving a mark, and making a difference.

You will often feel as if it is up to you to “wake up” humanity and push forward the evolutionary process of becoming more enlightened, more fully human. The key to doing this is within the context of the already existing structures, to love things as they already are in order to bring about the next level of manifestation without unnecessary struggle and bloodshed. 

Here are some famous people who share this Moon phase with you:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Benazir Bhutto, Jimmy Swaggart, Timothy Leary, Neil Armstrong, Jay Leno, George W. Bush, Jerry Brown, Adelle Davis, Shirley Maclaine, Nelson Mandela, Jack Kevorkian, Jerry Brown, Karen Silkwood, Elaine Pagels, Aretha Franklin.

How Not To Push Your Partner Away in Relationship:

You will likely need to be with someone who shares your passions, or who will happily support them. Otherwise, you will be restless and tend towards giving unwanted advice on how your partner can change their life.

If you are not yet sure what your cause is, you will want to give your partner passionate pep talks on how they can change their oppressive work culture, or how they should write letters to their senator, or how they can complain to a company about their shoddy product, etc, etc.

While these are all good ideas, your partner may find them irksome, or requiring more energy than they want to give to the situation. You may find that you are not being receptive enough to receive whatever good your partner wants to give you because you are rushing ahead into the idealistic future and not being present with your partner now (if you’re a woman, this will be especially crucial).

If you have your Waxing Crescent Moon with Mars or aspected by Mars, this will intensify your crusader mindset and you may be continually angry about how the world is versus how it should be. This can be very wearing on your partner.

At other times, they may be entertained by your passionate opinions, but not necessarily willing to take up arms like you think they should. Then, of course, you’ll be angry at your partner!

Compromise, again, is the key word here along with communication skills, allowing for gray areas in life and love, and appreciating how your partner is different than you, will create the best relationship possible in this imperfect, greatly-in-need-of-improving, world.


The Ready-for-Love Consultation and what it covers (the Moon is THE most important planet in relationship, even more than Venus):

  • The Moon & Venus – the two feminine-energy planets and YOUR path to fulfillment (fulfillment comes through the feminine principal). How receptive are you to the good that your partner wants to give you; how willing are you to be influenced and even changed by your partner (in a healthy way, of course), and, if you are a woman, how magnetic you are in attracting a partner and how to cultivate your natural female magnetism if you’re not currently attracting the love your heart desires.
  • Karmic Connections (Rahu and Ketu Contacts) – This shows past life connections, future karma and areas of life you will be involved in because of the relationship.
  • What’s your type? Your partner profile. The psychological makeup of your partner, their general characteristics, if they are predominately masculine-energy, feminine-energy, or androgynous, and their general physical description.
  • Marriage or Not – Marriage chart (D9) comparisons to see if you will marry a particular person, what areas in your marriage will be strong and what areas will require more consciousness.
  • Timing – When marriage is most likely to happen, and if both people are in a love period at the same time (sometimes the timing is the only problem between two people).
  • Relationship Capacity – Are you or your partner the marrying kind, or not? If relationship is easy or hard for you, and what may be blocking love for you, or the relationship capacity of your partner (Read more about Relationship Capacity).
  • Vedic Compatibility Technique – This famous technique measures 15 areas of compatibility important for relationship longevity, purpose, productivity, and happiness. Though the Moon is the most important, I look at ALL the planets for compatibility (Read more about the Compatibility Technique).
  • Assertive Pressure – Do you have equal “assertive pressure” in the relationship, or is one person much more aggressive than the other? If you’re you prone to affairs, or your partner is. If you tend to have abusive relationships, or if you use Mars energy inappropriately in the Venus arena, if you are too idealistic about love, or if you tend to mind your partner’s business (this is a simple fix).
  • Relationship Yogas – Evaluation of any pertinent marriage yogas.
  • Muhurta (optional) – For choosing the best time to marry, consummate the relationship, buy a house together, etc.
  • Fertility Report (optional) – Used either as a form of birth control or to get pregnant.

If there is a question about whether or not you will actually marry a particular person, how the other person really feels about you, or a question of fidelity, then I would also do a Horary chart (FREE WITH THIS READING), as these types of questions cannot always be answered with the birth chart.

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