Monday Moon Message: The Moon Loves Company & A Thanksgiving Special Offer

Thanksgiving this year (2017), the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn influenced by Jupiter and Venus. Capricorn is not the best sign for the Moon (it’s opposite the sign of Cancer, the Moon’s own sign), but there are good qualities of Moon in Capricorn too.

The Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet that is all about service and the awareness of the passage of time. This will put us in the frame of mind (the Moon represents the Mind) of how precious everyone we love is.

The passage of time reminds us that nothing lasts forever and to be grateful for what we have right now, as well as for all we’ve had throughout our lives until now.

The Moon is a social planet and loves company. The Moon rules over music (best enjoyed with others) and Capricorn likes the old music, so maybe you can put on some oldies music – your age determining what the “oldies” are for you :-) For me, that would be music from the late 50’s through the 70’s.

My daughter once asked me when she was a preteen if I was alive in the 70’s, which I thought was hilarious at the time. But now, when I hear songs from the 70’s, they are full of nostalgia for me, stirring up many memories, both sad and joyful from what feels like a lifetime ago. From what era would the oldies be for you?

Anyway, Jupiter is the planet of abundance and gratitude and his influence on the Moon will be felt as well helping us to have the perspective necessary to realize how many blessings we truly have even if money is tight right now.

Venus, another social planet, loves connecting people, maintaining relationships and beginning new ones. Venus is the planet of beauty, relaxation, and emotional fulfillment. The combination of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus should make for a lovely Thanksgiving day!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m offering a 25% discount on my new Moon-Mother-Mind Consultation (I recently decided to name it), for anyone who signs up over the next 10 days will get this steep discount (until November 30th). The Moon-Mother-Mind Consultation is normally $150.00 and at a 25% discount, it will be only $112.00!

Here is everything that will be covered in this reading:

  • The spiritual reason for the nature of the relationship with your mother, whether it was a good relationship or not
  • Your level of receptivity to the good in life, and how you can increase your capacity to see it and receive more of it
  • How your imagination may be used to create a better future and set of circumstances for yourself
  • Your emotional nature and how and where to best to get your emotional needs met
  • Who the Moon is responsible for creating in your life (it’s the natural ruler of Mother, but it could also represent you, your spouse, or someone else in your life)
  • Influences from other planets that either help or hinder the Moon (the Mind) and how you can best work with these influences as they affect your behaviors in relationships
  • And much more depending on what you need

If this sounds good to you, contact me at, and we’ll take it from there.


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