Monday Moon Message: Do Compliments Embarrass or Annoy You?

When the Moon is influenced by Saturn in the birth chart (with the Moon, opposite the Moon, or in the 4th or 10th from the Moon), getting a compliment can be an embarrassing or annoying experience.

Saturn makes us aware of all that we lack and when Saturn is “glancing” at the Moon, it’s difficult to notice all that is good in ourselves and in others. Saturn “looks down” which means he is a survival planet designed to make us aware of what we need to make it through the winter. The way he does this is through fear.

When Saturn is influencing the Moon, these fears can motivate us to do what is necessary to get through lean times (like saving money, for instance), and can make us tough enough to get through hard times through endurance or perseverance (positive Saturn qualities).

When our basic security needs are already met, however, these fears just get in our way, stunting our growth and keeping us limited (growth is a Moon principle). Saturn with or influencing the Moon distorts the Moon’s ability to use the imagination to better one’s life, to instead keep us small, contracted, and “safe.”

If someone pays you a genuine compliment, and you instantly think of everything you are NOT, and that compliment, instead of making you feel good, makes you feel embarrassed or annoys, you likely have Saturn influencing your Moon. You may brush the compliment aside, downplay it, or even argue with it (yeah, this is a nice dress on me, but look at this little stain here on the sleeve).

Usually when we get a gift we don’t like, we wait until we’re alone to throw it away (or re-gift it), but when we brush aside or even argue with a compliment someone gives us, we’re throwing the gift away right in front of the person who gave it to us. Sometimes the person giving you a compliment can even feel like they’ve been scolded or shamed for saying something genuinely nice to you. (Don’t worry, they won’t do that again)!

How Does a Healthy Moon React to Compliments?

A person with a healthy Moon accepts compliments graciously with a simple “thank you,” and they allow themselves to feel good about the compliment. A happy Moon sees the good in themselves and others naturally, so a genuine compliment is a pleasure.

The focus is not on what is lacking, but on all that is there to be happy about. A healthy Moon has a strong sense of self and can still feel good even when being criticized.

The Moon represents our ability to receive the good that life wants to give us. If getting a compliment embarrasses you or makes you acutely aware of all that you are lacking, then you can stretch your ability to receive goodness, like compliments, through reprograming your Moon (the Moon is the Mind) using something simple like affirmations. The Moon is adaptable and you can upgrade your ability to be comfortable with more goodness without fear or worry about what it may cost you.

Here are some Moon affirmations for the week:

“I accept compliments with grace and gratitude.”
“I accept that I have good qualities that others can see and appreciate about me.”


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