Horary Example: “Will I Get the Job?”

THIS IS VIDEO two showing some basic principals of Horary astrology. Horary questions about jobs – getting a job, what is going on in a job, losing a job, questions about problem co-workers or bosses, which two job offers to choose between, and more – are a very large portion of questions you get as a Horary astrologer. About the same number as you get for love Horary questions, if not more.

Which makes sense, doesn’t it? As Dr. Pat Allen says, everything in life comes down to love and money!

STAY TUNED for the next Horary example video, where I will be demonstrating a love Horary question.

REGISTRATION for the upcoming online course Learn-Horary, an In-Depth Course and Practice, will open on July 9, 2017. I will send out a notice as soon as the registration page is available!

Of course, if you want to ask a Horary question of your own and to learn more about what kinds of questions you can ask, go to my One Topic Horary Question Consultation page.

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