The Sign of Cancer: Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Heart

Since the Sun is in the sign of Cancer and so is Mercury and Venus, I thought I’d write about the sign of Cancer and various planets in the sign of Cancer in a series of blog posts. This is part one.

What is the sign of Cancer about?

Cancer Zodiac SignIt’s the second cardinal or moveable sign of the zodiac. Each of the cardinal/moveable signs start each season of the year and Cancer starts off the summer.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the fourth house of the inner emotional life and your family in general. The planetary ruler of Cancer is the Moon, the planet that rules our feelings, hearts, and minds. Cancer is the exaltation sign of Jupiter, the planet that rules children, and what happens in the summer? The children (Jupiter) are at home (Cancer, fourth house) with mom (Moon) in the summer time (usually).

At least that is the way it tended to be in the past, today it may be that mom has to be at work too. Interestingly, many savvy business-women today are making a living on the internet, creating a business that will pay for them to be home with their children in the summer.

An awesome business coach, Jeanna Gabellini, is one of those savvy business women. She doesn’t do any new product launches in the summer and she schedules her business calendar for the year around her children’s school schedule (she makes six figures this way, which makes me think of Jupiter, the planet of wealth, exalted in the sign of Cancer).

Jeanna Gabellini Coach
Jeanna Gabellini Coach

Furthermore, Jeanna’s particular coaching expertise is “mind-set.” In order to move your life, business, and wealth forward, you first need to expand (Jupiter) your mind-set (Moon), which is basically your beliefs about success, money, and business.

She is unique in the business coach world in that she talks about the importance of feelings, getting out of your head and into your heart, and how being in a good feeling state is the best way to attract clients/customers, wealth, and more.

I’m convinced that she has the Moon (the mind), or the sign of Cancer, prominent in her horoscope, and I intend ask her for her birth data so I can let you know (with her permission, of course).

More About the Sign of Cancer

Country-FlagsWhat is strange about Cancer, is that it rules home, hearth, and the fourth house of family, yet, it also represents foreign countries and foreigners. Go figure! If you have any of the “self” factors in your birth chart in the sign of Cancer, then you may love to travel to foreign lands, learn foreign languages, and may work with people from other countries.

The self factors in the birth chart are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant (first house, aka the Lagna), the Self-Producer planet (the Atmakaraka, or AK for short), and the Svamsa (the AK in the D9 varga chart known as the navamsa). If any of these points in your birth chart are in the sign of Cancer then there are many things it says about you. In future blog posts, I’ll go into more detail about each of these self-factors when in the sign of Cancer, but now more about Cancer in general.

Cancer represents the heart, or breast, area of the body physically, and as the natural ruler of the 4th house, the house of emotional happiness connected symbolically to matters of the heart. Being ruled by the Moon, the emotions of Cancer are to help us adapt to changing situations, or when making a big decision, by “following your heart.” If a situation doesn’t feel good, then we can change our minds, or rather, have a “change of heart.”

FollowYourHeart-CancerCancer being a moveable or cardinal sign, is by nature changeable, and brings about change in a person’s life through a change of feelings. The expression “my heart is not in it” is often what a person will say when changing a job/career, or ending a relationship. Or, the opposite, you may notice that your heart “leaps” when you’re with a particular person, and you feel as if your heart feels will burst with joy.

Something I often ask my clients about a romantic relationship is how they feel when they’re with a love interest. If they feel more alive, at ease, and able to be themselves, then that is a good sign. But, if they feel somehow not good enough, like they have to work hard to be “perfect,” or if they feel inhibited about being themselves, then this is a bad sign.

The Moon represents our conditioning, and if a person has the Moon in the sign of Cancer, has had favorable, nurturing conditions in their early life, so they will not stay in a job that doesn’t feel good. If it’s repressive, overly-competitive, or full of nasty dysfunctional group dynamics, they will simply leave as soon as possible.

Unless, their Moon is afflicted by being with, or aspected, by Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, then the person will not be as receptive to their feelings and will put up with way more stress than is good for them, or even abuse, to the detriment of their health and mental well-being. This is true for anyone, whatever sign the Moon is in.

LittlePlantGrowing-CancerCancer is a gentle female sign. It is more about being, feeling, and enjoying rather than pushing and getting things done. Cancer is a receptive sign that reacts, or responds, based on how it feels.

Cancer loves it when others are progressing in some way. They love to watch things grow, whether it be people, gardens, or companies, doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s thriving, then Cancer is happy about it. Growth is a key word for the Moon, the planet that rules Cancer.

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This post is becoming a book it’s so long, so on next Monday (the Moon’s day), you’ll receive another blog post with MORE on the sign of Cancer. You’ll find out about a big part of your purpose this lifetime if your Svamsa (AK in the navamsa) is in the sign of Cancer.


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