Jupiter & Venus Retrograde: A Second Chance at Love?

I so missed you...

Jupiter is retrograde and Venus goes retrograde on December 22, 2013.

Depending on your birth chart, either Jupiter or Venus retrograde could bring a former lover back (whether male, female, gay, straight, human, or feline).

Or you could just be thinking about a relationship that  didn’t work out in the past.

Jupiter is the Man in a Woman’s Birth Chart

Jupiter represents the man (generally) in a woman’s life and when Jupiter goes retrograde, a man you had a relationship with in the past could come back into your life.

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, so this is a high-quality man, but a man who also thinks maybe a bit too highly of himself. However, he does care about your feelings, not just his own (the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our mind and our feelings).

Also, when Jupiter goes direct, it’s possible he could leave again, so be somewhat detached and not get too emotionally involved unless he offers you a very good deal, in words.

A good deal would be a relationship with exclusivity, continuity, and longevity. Anything less than that is not worth getting excited over.

Jupiter retrograde is also a great time to re-examine your values and  philosophy of life, and to renew and/or deepen, your spiritual practices.

If you are single and wish love to find you, being in a “love period” (when your relationship planets are “activated”), attending to your spiritual life, and stretching your ability to receive from the Divine, will make you radiant and attractive to the right person.

You’ll be like a beacon of light that guides him right to you!

Venus Rules the Woman in a Man’s Life

Venus represents the wife or girlfriend in a man’s life (generally), and Venus will go retrograde which means a woman you were previously involved with may return to your life.

The only thing a man needs to be able to do to have a successful love relationship is to know what he wants out of life and to know what he wants in a relationship with a woman.

Not knowing what you want, not having a mission or a vision for your future makes it impossible to know what you want from your relationship with a woman, and to do the right thing by her.

Jupiter retrograde gives you the chance to revisit your mission in life, your true core values, and what vision you have for your future. Women love a man with a plan because he is easy to follow, and easy to support.

It’s easier for her to have faith in you when you have faith in yourself, and your ability to handle whatever life throws your way.

Jupiter is about faith, your philosophy of life, your wealth potential, your spiritual teachers, and your happiness set-point. With Jupiter exalted in the sign of Cancer (where he is really effective at fulfilling his responsibilities in your life), you can really grow your capacity for happiness, wealth, faith in yourself, and faith that you are where you are supposed to be.

If you write out your mission in life, your reason for being, what you want to accomplish, and what you want in love, you will make it easier for your Jupiter energy to grow.

If you have been spinning your wheels for a while, getting an astrological reading and/or a life coach to help you get clarity on your life purpose, values, and goals, is one of the best investments you can make for your future wealth and romantic happiness.

Wanting What We Have

Jupiter and Venus are in opposition to each other by sign (Cancer and Capricorn are a polarity), and will be until the beginning of March 2014.

Cats Hugging
She must not be "The One"

Jupiter and Venus in opposition means that there is a tendency to go back and forth between being happy with who you have in your life now, and wanting someone else because there is some way that your current partner is not perfect.

It can be as trivial as whether or not the other person is tall enough, short enough, vegan, likes a particular type of music, or some other thing that is not at all important to happiness in a long-term love affair.

Jupiter and Venus being retrograde means we get a chance to see how we may be robbing ourselves of happiness in a relationship because of a “perfect man or perfect woman” list of requirements.

A great book on this topic is Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie.

It’s interesting to note that Byron Katie has Jupiter in the sign of Cancer in her birth chart!


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