Does Life Seem Harder or More Exhausting Lately?

This last week I went from feeling highly energized to having no get-up-and-go AT ALL. I’ve also been uncommonly tired and sometimes even down in the dumps.

I’ve heard from friends, family, and clients that they’ve been feeling this way too. Two different people have described it almost exactly the same way: “at work, all day long I feel like crying.”

So I started wondering if there was an astrological explanation for people feeling like this, and of course, there is.

Why Everything Seems so Hard

Mars, the energetic, problem-solving, logic-ruled, planet of warriors, is ruling over three planets in the sign of Aries (four if you count Uranus), plus Saturn and Rahu are in the sign of Scorpio (Rahu is an eclipse point related to the Moon known as the head of the dragon).

That is a LOT of Mars-ruled planets and anti-fun, life-is-a-battle, energy!

You would think with all that pushy Mars energy that we’d be fired-up and getting things done right and left.

However, planets in the sign of Aries and Scorpio are planets that don’t “like” or that “harm” Venus (the planet of regeneration), and in Scorpio, also harm the Moon (the planet of the mind, ego, and emotions). This can make us feel very tired, very quickly.

We’re Emotionally Parched

Venus is the planet that rules the water element, the element of comfort, satisfaction, pleasure, sensuality, love and many other things that make us happy.

Venus is the diplomat, the meaning finder, the negotiator, the planet of poetry that connects us to beauty, enchantment, and the regeneration/recreation we need after hard work.

After a month or so of several planets being in the sign of Pisces where Venus is exalted, it’s like we’ve been suddenly wrenched out of our beautiful dreams and transported to the planet Mars where everything is too hot (or frozen), dry, and hard. I mean, look at this place!

Venus is also one of the planets currently in the sign of Aries where it is ruled by logical, unemotional Mars, and it has been combust, or burned up by the Sun too (within 18 degrees of the Sun) for much of the month.

In fact, Venus has been between the Sun and Mars, a tough place for Venus to be.

In Vedic astrology, Venus and the Sun are enemies, so this means that Venus is being conquered by a powerful enemy, even though Venus in Aries is exalting, or really, really liking the Sun (haven’t we all experienced the sadness of really liking someone who didn’t like us back?).

With the comforting energy of Venus being overtaken by the pure logic of Mars, the unrelenting and overbearing blaze of the Sun, and Saturn the taskmaster in the tough sign of Scorpio where Venus and the Moon are both very uncomfortable, it’s clear why we sometimes want to cry for “no reason.”

I like how Ray Bradbury says it in his classic, melancholy book The Martian Chronicles, “the old canals were filled with emptiness and dreams, instead of water.”

What This Time IS Good For

If there is something in your life that requires your courage, steely-eyed resolve, cold hard logic, and a warrior spirit, NOW is the best time to take the lead and tackle it head on.

Since the Sun is involved, in it’s most creative and powerful sign, it will help your career and possibly your relationship with an authority figure.
Soon we will have lots of Venus energy available to us when several planets go into the sign of Taurus, but until then, the two planets that love being in Aries, the Sun and Mars, are available to help you access your heroic masculine side.

What you start now, if you haven’t already started it last month when the Sun, Mars, and Venus went into Aries, will be nourished and sustained when in Taurus.

Even the new Moon is in the sign of Aries this month, signifying that this is the time to start something new! (You have until April 25th, the day of the full moon, to maximize this energy)

Venus goes into the sign of Taurus on April 16th
The Sun goes into the sign of Taurus on April 20th
goes into the sign of Taurus on April 21st


If you still feel like crying at work, it’s because Venus is being whipped a bit right now, but soon Venus, when he transits into his “home sign” of Taurus, will be the most powerful planet!


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