VENUS in PISCES – The Romantic Dream & “Is He Feeling What I’m Feeling & When Will I Get Over Him?”

There are three planets in the sign of Pisces right now, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury (Mars just recently went into Aries). This is a lot of watery energy, but each planet that is in the sign of Pisces expresses itself differently.

Today I’ll be concentrating on Venus in Pisces because Venus is very powerful now and is considered to be “exalted” in Pisces, the sign that Venus can express itself the best.

Sometimes, however, it can represent a state of mind that is based on an ideal, or something not quite real.

If you have an ex-lover returning to you now, or if you are sensing that he/she is thinking about you, they are probably “exalting” you in some way. Exaltation is a sincere feeling, but it’s based on an idealized version of you, or of love, and is not built to last.

This state of exaltation in love is typical in the beginning of a new relationship. If you are newly in love, enjoy this time of heightened feeling because it can be a very romantic experience.

If you both have good enough capacity for relationship individually, and you have good enough compatibility together, then the period of exaltation can be a great start to a life-long love affair (check out these fantastic Relationship Capacity & Compatibility Reports to see the long-term potential for your relationship)!

“What is he feeling about me right now & when will I get over him?”

In Horary astrology, when a woman asks a question about how her boyfriend/husband/secret lover is feeling about her and the boyfriend/husband/secret lover is represented by a planet in the sign of Pisces, then he is “exalting” her.

In other words, he is smitten, infatuated, twitterpated, besotted with (Bambi learns what twitterpated means), an idealized version of her at this time.

Most of us go through this phase in the beginning of a love relationship, but after about three months or so, we start to the see the person more realistically. This is when real love is actually possible, meaning we can see our lover as they actually are and love them anyway.

Unfortunately, many relationships end when the exaltation period is over because reality can’t live up to the romantic dream that Venus in Pisces seems to promise.

Here is an example of a Horary chart where a client is asking how her ex-lover feels about her and when she will finally get over him:

She is Venus in this chart, as the person asking the question is always the ascendant ruler, and the person she is asking about is the 7th house ruler, in this case, Mars.

Mars represents him as a thinking feeling person, and since he is a man, he also gets the Sun to represent the part of him that is sexually attracted to a particular woman.

As we can see, her planet, Venus, is in the sign of Pisces, and his two planets, Mars and the Sun, are also in the sign of Pisces.

For various reasons that are not necessary to explain in this article, they are not able to be together. He is “exalting” her, his distilled memory of her, and his romantic dream of the perfect woman.

She too is liking him a lot, as Mars has a lot of strength in the sign of Pisces, but she is not necessarily in love with him, nor is she exalting him either (not yet anyway). She is missing the feeling of being in love.

She is sensing that he is missing her again (I see this intuitive connection between people all the time in horary), which is why she is”exalting” herself.

Often, the exaltation of oneself as a attractive sexual being is part of the healing process in recovering from a broken heart, and sometimes it literally represents a beautiful woman (in this case, it’s both).

The Romantic Dream Ends

As you can see, both of his planets, Mars and the Sun, are going to go into the sign of Aries next. The exaltation of Venus will then abruptly end.

In Horary astrology, Venus is in “detriment” in the sign of Aries; Mars is very strong in its “home” sign of Aries, and the Sun is “exalted” in the sign of Aries.

In English, this means that he will not continue to feel the same way about her (a very good reason not to get back together) and he will then be concerned solely with himself (Mars in its own sign) and his own power as an attractive sexual being (the exalted Sun).

He will withdraw his “projection” of the perfect woman from her, his own inner anima (video about the woman inside of every man), and she would feel the pedestal being suddenly yanked out from under her feet (Pisces rules the feet) causing her to fall onto the ground of hard reality with an unpleasant thud.

Unfortunately, she will sense this when it happens too, and her planet, Venus, will enter the sign of Aries next where she will be “ruled” by him, meaning she will still love him as a thinking/feeling person (rulership means she sees him as he really is and loves him anyway).

However, she will exalt him as man, seeing him as the perfect man as a projection of her inner animus (video on the man inside of every woman).

Venus in detriment in the sign of Aries indicates she will feel unattractive as a woman and powerless to win his love, all the while loving him and putting him above her in her mind.

She Gets Over Him

Luckily, Aries is a moveable sign which means that her feelings for him will be intense, but short-lived (in symbolic time).

When Venus leaves Aries and goes into the sign of Taurus, the “home” sign of Venus, she will no longer love him (Mars is in detriment in Taurus) as a thinking-feeling person and will be completely indifferent to him as a man (the Sun has no power in Taurus).

Taurus is a fixed sign, so she will be finally “over” him romantically and will be appropriately concerned with herself, as she has been suffering for quite a while over this unattainable man.

This relationship is also a good example of the intense pain of having good compatibility, including the extra “wow” factor of “magnetic attraction,” with a man who does not have good relationship capacity (which means the ability to do right by the woman).

But that is another Venus story for another day.

Venus in Pisces Not Just for Romantic Love

Whether you are in love right now, or longing for a lost love, Venus in Pisces is a great time to focus on your spiritual practices, especially if you are a woman, to increase your inner peace, radiance, and healthy self-love.

For men and women, the ability to receive unconditional love from the Divine within you (what Pisces is really about), makes it possible to love another human without illusion, or disappointment, in their imperfection.

Plus, it’s a great time to read poetry, science fantasy, study astrology, or buy beautiful clothes, shoes, vehicles, beds, and bed linens!

Venus will be in the sign of Pisces until March 22nd.

Some wonderful books by Robert A. Johnson about the inner male and female, their role in love & how to have a true loving relationship:

He: Understanding Masculine Psychology
She: Understanding Feminine Psychology
We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love


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