Are You “Magnetic”, or “Dynamic?” It’s ALL in the Sex of Your Planets

In my last corporate job, I had two bosses. One was Magnetic and the other was Dynamic. The Magnetic one was the one everyone liked to talk to, and hang out with, including me. One day he seemed bummed-out and I asked him why.

He said he wished he was more ambitious, more willing to fight for his position and ideas, and he was depressed because he thought he didn’t try hard enough at anything in his life. Yet he still had a great job, a wife, and two children he left work “early” to see each night (it was an unwritten rule that the managers were expected to stay after hours) .

My other boss, the Dynamic one (he was always too busy to talk for very long), wanted to find his true love, get married, and have children, but he was always at work, long after everyone else, including other managers, had gone home. He worked weekends, and he frequently traveled for work. He rarely took vacations, and came in even when he was sick.

It was obvious to everyone that he loved his job, and that work WAS his true love. But he felt there was something wrong with him because he was still single in his forties. His dream was to be a CEO of a big, successful, company someday.

Together, they made a great team. Unfortunately, neither felt okay being who they were (nor did they realize the value of knowing their birth chart).

You Are a Dynamic Person?

Do you feel that there is something you MUST do in your life before you die? Do you think you are supposed to do something, that you have a “calling?” Do you feel more alive when you have a lot of responsibilities? Would people who know you describe you as “driven?” Do you get depressed if you don’t feel like you are always making progress in your life, in one way or another? Are you a goal-setter with several accomplishments under your belt? How many times have you heard that “no one on their death bed wishes they’d spent more time at the office?”

Then you very likely a Dynamic person, and the planets in your birth chart are predominately in “masculine” signs.

Are You a Magnetic Person?

Have you NEVER felt the urge to be the CEO of a company, or believed that life is all about a “great” career? Do you find meaning and pleasure in just being alive and believe that life is supposed to be enjoyed? Are your relationships more important to you than anything and will you drop everything to help a friend or family member? Are you are the kind of person who can show up reliably every day to do your job, but even if you are an executive, your job is NOT the most important part of your life? How often have you thought you were just “lazy” and that you’re “not living up to your potential”?

You are probably a Magnetic person, and the planets in your birth chart are predominately in “feminine” signs.

Your Birth Chart “Describes” Your True Nature

Every planet, except for the Sun and the Moon, rules either a masculine or feminine sign. All the signs, except for Leo and Cancer, are one half of the masculine/feminine (Dynamic/Magnetic) polarity:

Signs ruled by Mercury: Gemini (masculine), Virgo (feminine)
Signs ruled by Mars: Aries (masculine), Scorpio (feminine)
Signs ruled by Venus: Libra (masculine), Taurus (feminine)
Signs ruled by Jupiter: Sagittarius (masculine), Pisces (feminine)
Signs ruled by Saturn: Aquarius (masculine), Capricorn (feminine)

The Sun is masculine (Dynamic) by nature, and is most comfortable in the sign of Leo. The Moon is feminine (Magnetic) by nature, and is most comfortable in the sign of Cancer.

Look at your birth chart and add up the number of masculine and feminine PLANETS, including Rahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes of the Moon) even though they are not planets.

If you have two or three more of feminine or masculine planets, then that is your predominant energy. If the feminine and masculine sign count is very close in number, then you are more balanced between Magnetic and Dynamic. (If you need a copy of your birth chart, get it at my website).

Note: The Ascendant (Lagna), is the “house” with the double-diagonal lines through it and is house number one.

For further refinement, if the Lagna ruler, the Sun, or Mars is in the 10th house (count clockwise from the Lagna), this adds a great deal of dynamic energy to the chart (regardless of the sign they are in).

If Mars, or the Sun is in the Lagna, regardless of the sign, it adds more Dynamic energy to the chart.

Whether you are a man or a woman, if your Lagna, Sun and Moon are in masculine signs, you are  more Dynamic.

If the Ascendant, Sun and Moon are in feminine signs, then you are here to be more Magnetic.

If Venus or the Moon is in the Ascendant, regardless of the signs they are in, you are more Magnetic.

There are other, more technical considerations too, but this is a general guide you can use, for yourself, or other people in your life, even if you’re not an astrologer.


You can be more Dynamic than Magnetic, or visa versa, whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. It’s just important to know which one you are so you can save a LOT of energy, and angst, in your life by accepting who you are and working with that, instead of beating yourself up for what you’re not. Knowing what you’re made of also helps you to be immune to uninformed criticism too.


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