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One of my favorite TV shows was Medium, about the real psychic, Allison DuBois, who worked for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office as an intern and helped the police solve murder cases. While I enjoyed watching Medium, and was alternately fascinated, entertained, and worried for Allison, I was SO glad that I’m not psychic like she is!

Seriously, if I saw a dead person show up at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night, I would scream my head off. Nor would I enjoy dreaming about murders several times a week, or ever, for that matter.

However, I certainly wish sometimes that I could know what was going to happen before it happens without having to use astrology (though Horary astrology is excellent for this). I am, what I call “very intuitive”, but not enough to stop using my beloved astrology. Besides, I like astrology because I get more sleep than Allison does, (and because I’m kind of a chicken and don’t WANT to see dead people).

I’ve had some clients who weren’t sure if the experiences they were having meant that they were psychic, or that they were going crazy. So far, I was able to tell them that they were definitely psychic (and maybe just a little crazy).

How did I know this?

Jaimini Vedic Astrology! Now I’m going to tell you how you can tell if you are psychic too by looking at your birth chart using Vedic Jaimini techniques.

Allison Dubois Psychic
Allison Dubois-The Real Psychic

I’m going to use Allision DuBois’ birth chart to demonstrate how to look at your own chart. I was reading some comments people had made on-line about Allison, saying she was a fraud and the show, Medium, was all fiction.

I knew with Jaimini astrology I could prove to myself whether she was a real psychic, or a fake. As you will see, she is NOT a fake, and in fact, she is a very powerful psychic (her real personality is much more confident than the TV version of herself played by Patricia Arquette). You can look at the houses and planetary arrangements in your chart to see if you are psychic too. You may be wondering if you are if you often have experiences like these:

  • You “know” things before they happen (through dreams or gut feelings)
  • You have dreams that tell you what people you know are doing or  feeling even when you live far apart
  • You know who it is before you pick up the phone (without looking at  Caller ID of course!)
  • You sense when there is “someone in the room” who is not of the “visible” world
  • You know details about people’s lives before they tell you anything
  • You can “feel” when someone you know, who lives far away from you, is visiting your town, even though they did not tell you they were coming

TO FIND OUT FOR SUREsee how I used Jaimini astrology techniques on Allison DuBois’ birth chart, the same techniques you can use on your OWN birth chart to see how psychic YOU are!


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