Venus Series Part IV: Five Ways a “Venus Person” Can Drive You Crazy

Last week, a friend who read the previous newsletter about how to recognize a Venus person, asked me, “How will my life change by recognizing Venus people?”

Well, I thought that was a really good question! Here’s what I told her:

Half the fun and value of astrology, are the insights it gives you into people.

For instance, this tax season, I wanted to take some advice from an article written by a tax specialist, on how to keep from paying more than necessary to the government.

I still don’t remember exactly what it was, but because it seemed too good to be legal (but I trusted the reputation of the person who wrote the article), my husband didn’t want me to do it.

I started to get mad because I thought he was assuming that I would do something illegal and that he needed to be my conscience.

Moments before I killed him, it popped into my mind that he “IS” Saturn. Saturn is his  “essence” planet (the planet with the highest degree in his birth chart), and Saturn’s nature is very risk-adverse. In fact, my husband often says,  “I’m Mr. Safety, I wear suspenders AND a belt (and he would, if I let him).”

With this flash of astrological insight, my anger vanished. He wasn’t being a pious, presumptuous jerk at all, he was worried that I would get in trouble, and spend the rest of my days in jail while he pined away for me (that’s my fantasy, anyway).

Knowing what your partner, co-worker, sibling, boss, or friend is made of, helps you to give them the benefit of the doubt when their essential nature gets in your way, or on your nerves.

Even lovely, sweet-natured, fun-loving Venus people, are not always easy to live with. Here are five ways Venus people can drive you crazy:

1. Venus people never hurry, gobble, or gulp. When we were kids, my sister (a Venus person), would still have Halloween candy (the good stuff, not just bubblegum and random hard candies) left over weeks after mine was gone. This seriously annoyed me. It seemed to me at the time that she was taunting me with her superior ability to delay gratification. (Okay, she actually DID taunt me with it, but that’s a sibling thing, not a Venus thing).

2. If a Venus person has invited you over for dinner, you better have a snack before you go, because by the time the scrumptious, beautifully presented food is FINALLY ready, you’ll be starving and grouchy. I’ve had more than one low-blood-sugar crash at my sister’s house waiting for her to stop socializing long enough to get her slow Venus self MOVING in the kitchen. Of course, the food will always be worth the wait when a Venus person is cooking, just don’t arrive hungry.

3. Another thing: what kind of person can smoke only ONE cigarette, once in a while, and NOT need to finish the rest of the pack? A Venus person! I quit smoking over 23 years ago, but there is no way I could smoke just ONE cigarette, once in a while, and not get addicted again. Yes, I’m talking about my Venus sister again, and I admit, I’m envious of this Venus trait.

4. Do they really have to be so nice to EVERYONE? Do you know how hard it is to get somewhere on time if you are going with a Venus person? First of all, they take forever to get dressed; then they HAVE TO answer the phone every time it rings (a Venus person’s phone is always ringing), and stop to chat up everyone they meet on the way!

5. If you’re in love with a Venus person, you need to know that flirting is as natural as breathing to them. They don’t even know they’re doing it. No sense in getting mad or feeling insecure, they honestly won’t know what you’re talking about.

My friend who asked me the question that kick-started this article, said:

“Your description of a Venus person really sounds like my husband… He’s a flirt, very popular  everywhere we go, which really exasperates me at times… I have old ladies (older than me) coming up to me all the time telling me how wonderful he is!”

Interestingly, my friend’s birth chart shows that her ideal spouse is a Venus guy!

I hope this article has helped you to realize that Venus people are not perfect, you just feel imperfect next to them. If you want to drive a Venus person crazy, just to even things up a bit, wear shiny, neon-colored spandex fabrics, scarf your food, and make fun of people with good manners (then email me and tell me what happened).

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May Venus bring you healing, comfort, amusement and pleasure!


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