Are you a Venus person? How to recognize Venus people in your life.

We expect Venus, the planet of love and sex, art and beauty, to produce beautiful, graceful, gentle and sexy people, and he does, but there is more to Venus than just a pretty face.

Venus is a “Brahmin” planet. This comes from the caste system in India as it was originally meant to be used, not the way it is actually being used today (based on the family you were born into). A person with a Brahmin temperament, has an innate desire to learn and acquire knowledge, and is empathetic to the plight of their fellow man. The Brahmin person is naturally attracted to gaining knowledge and to spiritual growth.

Venus people best serve mankind in the capacity of a scientist, a professor or teacher, an advisor to the “king” on worldly affairs, an ambassador or diplomat, a counselor (Venus is the “comforter” and is great at teaching relationship skills), or an author of scientific and educational books.

Most people are a mixture of the different temperaments, so I’m describing a “pure” Venus type here, but every person who has Venus prominent in their chart, will have these traits to varying degrees, “flavored” by the sign it is in and its “relationships” to other planets.

A prominent Venus produces a person with “1,000 senses,” as it says in the ancient writings of the sage Jaimini. This is someone who is a connoisseur, an expert judge in the matters of taste, someone who has a lot of knowledge about the fine arts, or just someone who has a highly developed aesthetic sense.

For instance, a person with Venus prominent in their birth chart, produces a sommelier (or someone who is as skilled as a sommelier), not just a wine lover, a chef rather than a cook, and someone who can taste ALL of the flavors and spices in a dish – a gourmet “foodie,” not just a food lover, or a “nose” who can detect every flower or substance used in a perfume.

They like to take their time when cooking a meal, and then they “savor” that meal with loved ones. It was probably a Venus person that started the “slow food” movement. They usually walk slower too, as if they are immersed in the sensation of the air on their skin, the ground beneath their feet, and the colors and smells of everything. When it comes to sex, a Venus person is, well, I’m sure you can imagine!

Beautiful, luxurious, surroundings and objects, make Venus people feel comfortable. They like the clothes they wear to be well-made, and prefer natural fibers and colors, instinctively choosing what looks best on them, and what feels good against the skin.

Interestingly, Venus women are not big on wearing a lot of makeup, they are more of the “natural beauty” type, meaning makeup is more for lightly accentuating their features rather than to cover up imperfections, and Venus men, prefer the “natural beauty” type of woman. I’m sure the whole “natural look” in makeup, with nude-toned lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows was Venus inspired.

A Venus person is “a lover, not a fighter,” preferring harmony and collaboration, rather than strife and competition, in all their relationships. They seem to know the right thing to say to defuse tense situations, and have excellent manners.

You can recognize the Venus person in any group of people, at the office, a club, in on-line forums, because they are very popular. People gravitate to them because they are kind-hearted, and have a way of talking to you that makes you feel like you are special. They will ask you about your family, your health, your opinions, and really be interested in your answers. You feel like they “get” you.

Remember the teacher at school that everyone loved, whose classroom was always packed with kids, even after school? That teacher was a Venus person. You know the popular boss that everyone likes working for, the one you can actually TALK to? Yep, a Venus person!

The influence of Venus is everywhere, and you likely have a Venus person in your life. When you were reading this, someone you know probably sprang right to mind. It could even have been you!


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