Father’s Day: What Does the Sun and Venus in Your Birth Chart Say About Your Dad?

Whether you love your dad, hate your dad, or don’t even know him, your father’s influence stays with you for your entire life.

If you’ve never met your biological father, if you lost him through death at an early age, if divorce took his steady presence away, or if you have a difficult relationship with him, you can still “know” him through your own birth chart!

There are three planets in your birth chart that represent the father: the Sun, Venus, and the planet with the fifth highest degree. I’m only going to talk about the Sun and Venus here, because the Sun and Venus can represent anyone’s father, but the third planet can be different from chart to chart.

If you DO know your dad, and have a good relationship with him, you can understand him and yourself BETTER by looking at these “father” planets in YOUR birth chart.

Obviously, you wouldn’t be here without him, but more specifically, Venus in your birth chart describes the genetic characteristics you got from dad.

You may be surprised to learn, like I was, that Venus in astrology has anything to do with the father! Venus rules semen and the DNA contained within that equips us for specific tasks in life; the strength to perform these tasks, along with our talents and general level of genetic health.

For example, Venus is in the sign of Aries in my birth chart. Venus is “with” (together in the same sign and house) the Sun (exalted in Aries), and Mercury.

My mother often told me that I was just like my dad (though I had never met him), because I was very intelligent. Don’t think I’m bragging here, because she only told me this when I was asking too many questions that she, or the nuns in catechism class, couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer!

My biological father
was a car designer (Mercury), and during the time period in my  life ruled by Venus, I became a graphic designer at a nutritional supplement manufacturing company. Aries is a sign ruled by Mars, and Mars rules engines, machines, and manufacturing plants. Venus rules vehicles and anything that improves health.

Mercury with Venus is indicating that my father was a type of artist, and that he passed that skill down to me genetically (Aries is the most creative sign in the zodiac because of the inspiration that comes down from the heavens into the head). Mercury is also the sense of humor, and my mother told me that I laughed at things no one else thought were funny, just like my father (again, not meant as a compliment)!

The Sun in Aries is strong in my birth chart, but it is “afflicted” by a “glance” from Rahu (the North Node of the Moon, an eclipse point), rules the malefic eight house, and is situated in the 4th house, a house where the Sun can’t express himself very easily. These afflictions reflect the fact that I never met my father and why he didn’t have an active role in my life. He was more of an abstraction to me, like someone in a legend who isn’t real.

Even though
I didn’t know my biological father, the Sun in my chart also represents the father I DID have, my adoptive father. I absolutely adored him and was greatly influenced by him, so the Sun being exalted in Aries in my birth chart, shows that I exalted him and thought he was the greatest dad in the world!

Interestingly, he was a painter (house painting and trompe l’oeil murals) and a craftsman who worked with wood, another form of artistry! Even though he was far from perfect, whenever I think of him or talk about him, I smile and feel the love I felt for him as a young girl. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Aries, therefore, are the types of men I’m attracted to, as dad is a girl’s first love.

The Sun is a very noble energy, revealing the native’s basic sense of self-esteem and confidence instilled by the father. My step-dad always told me I could do whatever I wanted if I believed in myself, and the kind of men I admire (like my husband) have a nobleness, creativity, and masculinity similar to what I perceived in my step-father.

For a man, the Sun and Venus show the father’s influence and how that has affected his own experience of becoming, and being, a man.

When evaluating a man’s masculinity for relationship capacity and career success, the Sun is one of the main planets influencing these areas of life. Dad is the parent that teaches a son how to manage relationships with women, and how to make a living in a self-respecting, self-confident manner.

If you want to know more about what your birth chart reveals about your dad, and gain insight into how you and he are, and are not, alike, you can get an astrological reading with that specific goal in mind (to get one with me, go here).

We would look at all three “father” planets in your birth chart, their house placements, the signs they occupy, all the influences from the other planets, and the Nakshatras (star constellations) that these planets fall into revealing some of the mythologies, magic and mysteries that are woven into your father’s side of the family tree (I explain what the Nakshatras are about on the relationship compatibility page).

Have a happy Father’s Day this weekend, and if you can, let him know how much you appreciate him!


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