Venus Series Part II: How to Tell if YOUR Venus Needs Help & What to Do About it if it Does

Last week I promised to tell you how you can know if Venus in your birth chart is “damaged” or “afflicted,” and the various remedies used to strengthen or help Venus. You may  already know that Venus is in trouble in your birth chart because you’ve had an astrological reading before. If not, this is a list of the effects of Venus when afflicted:

  • Trouble with romance and relationships, or if you suffer abuse from your partner
  • Struggle with addictions (even relatively benign addictions like having a serious sweet-tooth)
  • Have trouble with women in general (whether you are male or female)
  • Feel unattractive and inept with whomever you are attracted to whether of the opposite sex or the same sex
  • Have trouble with money and relationships with people at work
  • Have very bad taste in clothing and art (kidding, sort of)
  • When it seems you can’t attract the good things you want
  • Enjoy activities and substances that you know are not good for you
  • Prefer animals, books, TV, buying stuff, or food to relationships with humans (being crazy about animals is still pretty healthy, but when you get to the point that you prefer THINGS above humans and animals, then you’re really in trouble)
  • Have a lack of confidence when you want to ask for something you want
  • Are not good at “self-soothing” and comforting without resorting to eating whole pints of Chunky Monkey ice cream, drinking alcohol (lots of it), having one-night-stands, or zoning for hours and hours in front of the TV
  • It seems you always have an uncomfortable bed (seriously! Venus rules beds-which reminds me, if you need a new bed, buy it before June 10th)

If you want to try to figure it out using basic Vedic astrology techniques, then go here and get a free copy of your birth chart, or if you already have a print out of your birth chart (South Indian Vedic style), follow along with your birth chart by going HERE.

Remedies or how to bring more fulfillment, happiness, beauty and love into your life

More people come to astrologers because of relationship problems than just about anything else, but career and money issues are a strong second. I think it’s probably true that everything in life can be reduced down to either love or money, and both of these fall into the realm of Venus (and Jupiter too, but that’s another story). All of us, at one time or another in our lives, have to play the game of love and money, and if we can’t seem to get much of either, or if we have lots of trouble with it, we start looking around for answers.

Vedic astrology is famous for it’s planetary remedies because they are so effective and bring so much healing when applied diligently and with sincere devotion.

Charities and Donations

Helping young women in some way through monetary donations or volunteering your time is a very powerful way to improve the effects of Venus in your life. Women’s shelters fit in this category as well as many other programs that are designed to help women, such as the organization Dress For Success® where you can donate some of your nice work clothes (especially if they are made from natural fibers and are the color green, the color for Libra), instead of throwing them away or just leaving them in your closet unworn for years. Doing either of these on a Friday helps too because Friday is the day for Venus (now you know why everyone is so happy on Friday).

Believe it or not, donating a horse will go a long way to help your Venus. There are organizations that help with the donation of a horse to people in developing countries, to veterinarian schools, and many other situations. If you google ‘donate horse to charity,’ a bunch of stuff comes up. You could also donate to adopt-a-horse charities or horse related charities.

Venus Imagery and Mantras to Help with Focusing the Mind

A focused mind can attract anything to it, it’s really the most magnetic force on the planet (except for gravity, I think, but maybe not!). Hanging an image of Venus (as depicted in the ancient Vedic scriptures of Parashara), in your bedroom in the Southeast corner or wall, and then looking at it often while thinking about Venus, or while chanting mantras to Venus will help to concentrate your mind on attracting Venus qualities benefits into your life.

Mantras are a very powerful way to reduce negative energies and effects. A mantra will help focus your mind when it is scattered. Ultimately, the mantra produces a state where the body vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and state of mine represented by and contained within the mantra, in this case, Venus.

For Venus mantras, google ‘Venus mantras’ and pick the one you like. Some are Sanscrit phrases chanted alone and some are Sanscrit phrases chanted to music. There is a lot of information on the benefits of chanting in the ancient language of Sanscrit because of the beneficial vibrations chanting mantras creates in your body.

A good source for images of Venus, is Srishti Wilhelm’s site She painted the images of the planets (called Grahas in Sanskrit) according to the descriptions in the ancient Vedic texts. They come in a variety of sizes and are very affordable (I don’t receive any kind of fee or commission for this, I just really like her work).

Self-Knowledge and Attaining Venus Skills

This is where hiring a relationship or spiritual growth coach and/or a therapist comes in. Emotional healing, improving self-esteem, learning relationship skills and understanding yourself emotionally are very practical ways to strengthen Venus in your life. Very few of us are happier being alone without someone to love and be loved by, so this is obviously a worthwhile investment. There are tons of books with invaluable information about developing relationship skills, but nothing beats working with another live, specially skilled, human being.

The ability to ‘self-soothe,’ a Venus ability, will help you more than anything else in your relationships and career. Plus, finding meaning in the painful experiences and events of your life fall under the rulership of Venus too. The reason that the 12-Step programs and others like it, work so well because they teach tools to self-soothe without the use of drugs or alcohol, or any other thing or substance that satisfies only for the moment but brings pain later.

When it comes to food and/or body issues, overeating, under-eating, or just body-hatred and body image problems, there are some wonderful coaches out there that teach the feminine way to end the battle with your body. It’s gorgeous stuff! Just google “the feminine way to weight loss.” These techniques work for men too, by the way, as every man has Venus in his birth chart too!

Read and Write Poetry

Poetry is really a form of prophesy and is essentially spiritual in nature. Venus is the planet of prophesy and gives knowledge of the past and the future. For most of us, there are poems that we have heard, memorized and loved sometime in our lives; spending some time re-acquainting ourselves with this lovely form of writing will enliven your emotional life like you wouldn’t believe. Much of the enjoyment of music can come from the lyrics, which are basically poetic expressions of thoughts and feelings.


Devoting yourself faithfully to something you love, is a Venus practice and will lead you to more Venus effects such as love, happiness, making better choices based on self-respect, and to more enjoyment of whatever goodness life brings you. It can be devotion to the study of anything (though astrology is an especially good choice in my opinion), or devotion to a person or persons, such as your family, or to helping people in general. It can also be devotion to practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling, writing a book, it really doesn’t matter, it’s the act of devotion itself, over time, that matters.

Mark Your Calendar

I forgot to mention last week that Venus rules vehicles too, knowledge being one kind of vehicle, and, of course, cars, the other kind of vehicles we are very familiar with! When Venus is traveling through the signs of Taurus, Libra and Pisces is a great time to buy or trade a car, especially when it is in the sign of Libra. So now is a good time (until June 10th), and when Venus goes into the sign of Libra on September 16, 2011 until October 9, 2011, is an even better time (have you noticed that new car models come out in the fall?), so mark your calendar if you want to get a new car!

Next week I will tell you about Venus people; famous Venus people and ‘ordinary’ Venus people in your life and how to recognize them (hint, they are usually enjoying themselves and you enjoy being with them).

Happy Friday!


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