Venus Series Part 1: 10 Ways to Get More Pleasure, Comfort, & Fulfillment in Your Life, Right Now!

How Do You Comfort Yourself?

Why is it that some people can eat just one cookie, have only a few bites of a rich dessert, take single chocolate from the box of See’s Candies and leave the rest for later, or have just a lone beer, glass of wine, or shot of scotch, all evening?

How is it that some people seem to make better decisions about love, money, and have many comforts in their lives, while others feel unfulfilled no matter how many romances, desserts, or drinks they have?

Why is it that some people suffer with addiction of all types and degrees, or have a history of bad decisions in their love lives, finances and careers, while others have happy, long-lasting relationships, satisfying careers and are content with their lives?

It’s Because of Venus!

Venus is the nurse of the zodiac, bringing us comfort when we are hurt in any way, whether physically or emotionally. Venus is the decision maker, able to determine the value or worth of an activity, relationship or purchase.

Venus expresses the water element and is responsible for rejuvenating and healing the body, as well as bringing us satiety or satisfaction from a meal or fulfillment from our lives at the end of the day.

 When Venus is in good condition in your birth chart (determined by criteria I’ll discuss in later articles), you are able to receive and use these Venus qualities.

But if Venus is “damaged” in your birth chart, then fulfillment is much harder to find. Think The Rolling Stones song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” to get an idea of what I mean. If Venus is afflicted, we go from one mirage in the desert to another, looking for the one, last, drop of water that will finally quench our thirst. There can be other factors involved too, of course, but usually it’s because of Venus.

You may be wondering, what CAN I do to increase the satisfying, healing, and pleasurable Venus energy in my life?

One way is to take advantage of the time periods that Venus is transiting the signs Taurus, Libra and Pisces, signs where he is the most powerful. (In Vedic astrology, all the planets are male, but the POWER of the planets come from their “wives” or Shakti, the divine feminine creative power — well, no surprise there!).

Venus is now transiting Taurus, starting on May 16th and ending on June 10, 2011.

If you’ve been feeling like slowing down and savoring life lately, it’s because you are feeling the lovely energy of Venus in the sensual earth sign of Taurus. Taurus is most happy when providing nourishment, of all types, to everyone around them.

Now is a great time to do any of these Venus-ruled things:

1. Start new health and beauty habits, or get back into the routines you know make you feel and look your best.

2. Begin therapy or hire a coach, for emotional healing and/or for relationship counseling. What you learn now will stick with you (Taurus is a steady and sturdy “fixed,” energy sign).

3. Slow down and do more of your own cooking, choosing only the best and freshest ingredients. Be sure not to skimp on healthy fats, as they provide long-term satiety, and pleasure, from your meals.

4. Make some simple, easy, and delicious fermented foods, the natural rejuvenators of the body. Homemade Kimchi and Bread & Butter pickles are fermenting on my kitchen table right now. I got the recipes from Nourishing Traditions Eat Fat Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon

Next, I’m planning to make some mouthwatering Sourdough Rye Bread from Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Ellix Katz and Sally Fallon. These are perfect Venus healing foods (Venus rules the “sour” taste).

5. Improve your appearance by getting a new haircut and/or color. Maybe even get an “image” upgrade by hiring an image consultant and buying new clothes (Venus rules clothes). You’re more likely to be pleased with the results right now.

6. Start or return to a yoga practice, it’s relaxing and helps you to BE in your body and enjoy your senses (Taurus rules the face and, therefore, the senses).

7. Go dancing, take a dance class, or get a Wii and dance in your living room!

8. Get a massage or any other form of healing bodywork (cranial-sacral is so relaxing you feel like your bones are melting).

9. Throw a dinner party, make it pot-luck so everyone can have the pleasure of sharing something delicious.

10. Get married, start a new relationship or heal a floundering one. Venus is the natural ruler of love, relationships and marriage!

If You Need Help

Astrology is a great help in deciding if a relationship is worth saving (evaluating the worth of anything is a Venus skill), get a Compatibility Report, a Compatibility Consultation, or ask a Horary question.

Get your Free Birth Chart to see what sign your Venus is in — it will be a handy reference for the next four articles about Venus.

If You Suspect Venus

By this point in this article, you probably have a sense of how Venus is working in your life. Next article, Venus Series part II,  I’ll tell you what a “damaged” Venus is, and what you can DO if you suspect that Venus is not in good shape in your birth chart.

There ARE things you can do about it, even when Venus is NOT transiting the signs of Taurus, Libra and Pisces. 

In fact, what I LOVE about Vedic and Horary astrology, is that it is a healing system full of remedies to alleviate pain and suffering. The ancients called it “The Science of Light,” and with the advent of the telephone, computers, and the internet, today we can benefit from that “Light” more easily than ever.

Until next time, may the stars bring you hope, healing, and happiness.

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