Do You Really Want to Know the Truth About Your Relationships? How Horary Astrology Can Help

If you are brave enough to want to know the truth and if you can handle it once you know, then Horary Astrology can give you the answers you most want about your relationship. Though it could mean the relationship you thought you were in is only in your mind (you are doing ALL the work), or it could mean taking a pass on the good-looking, wealthy, guy you are dating (he’s still hung-up on his ex), and you could find out that the beautiful “10” woman you’re starting to fall for is really interested in your friend! This kind of astrology is not for the faint-hearted.

Are You More Comfortable With Illusion?

Not everyone can handle the truth and some prefer to keep their rose-colored glasses on until someone rips them off and stomps on them (it’s often that wealthy, good-looking, player guy you hoped would be your knight in shining armor, or that babe that makes you look good when she’s on your arm who breaks those rose-colored glasses right along with your heart).

The good news is that it’s not always bad news when you ask the heavens your love questions. Sometimes what is scarier is when the answer is that he or she DOES love you. Sometimes it’s more comfortable believing that all men are jerks, or that women (especially the really beautiful women) only want your money. That way you can maintain the illusion that you are in control and not have to feel all the feelings that come with being emotionally vulnerable (as a recovering committment-phobe, I know something about this).

What is Horary (pronounced “whore-airy”) Astrology?

Horary (from the Latin “Hora” meaning “of the hour”) astrology is the astrology of answering your urgent, personal questions. The moment that you ask a sincere question, and the astrologer understands what you are asking, the Horary chart is “born.”

Quick, simple and accurate, it was the main form of astrology for centuries (people often didn’t know what day, month or even the year that they were born). It is known for it’s ability to provide accurate predictions, but is can also be used to investigate the past (“Did she really love me?”). It’s most valuable use is in analyzing a situation. More valuable than asking the predictive “Will we get divorced?”, a better question would be to ask the diagnostic, “What is wrong with our marriage and what can I do about it?

The Magical Universe

Horary astrology works on the principle of synchroncity. When you most urgently want to know the answer to your question, the planets are in the best position to answer it, in great detail! This kind of specific responsiveness is impossible with birth chart astrology. Birth chart astrology has its own very important and relevant uses (to be explained in future articles), but it could NEVER tell you if the person you’ve been dating will call again, has chemistry for you, is just “in like” with you, or if the person you are married to is cheating on you, still loves you, or is quietly planning to leave one day while you are at work.

How Can I Take the Fantastic For Granted?

The level of accuracy and detail in a Horary chart never fails to amaze me, which is why I LOVE being an astrologer. Horary vividly proves to me that we are living in a fantastic universe, far more fantastic than anything we could ever make up!

Horary performs so consistently that I now take it for granted that if the chart says something specific will happen, IT WILL HAPPEN, such as the divorce mentioned earlier in the article, unless action is taken to prevent it (and if I get it right-the chart is perfect, but I’m not!). If the chart says that she will go out with you, she WILL go out with you (but only if you ask her to).

Not Like a Las Vegas Slot Machine

It doesn’t work mechanically, however, it only works when you really want to know something and when you have a genuine investment in the situation you are asking about. The universe is ordered and intelligent, but not mechanistic. For instance, you couldn’t ask every single day what the weather was going to be like the next day; but it works extremely well if you ask what the weather will be like on an important day to you, like your romantic outdoor wedding, or for planning a big outdoor BBQ party. If you are someone who gets a lot of winks in your on-line dating mailbox, it won’t be able to tell you which one of these potential partners is the right one, you have to have more of an emotional investment than you normally would in that situation.

Interestingly though, sometimes a person will ask the same question several times over a longer length of time, such as “Is now a good time to leave my husband?”, and the planet that represents the person asking the question, is slowly gaining strength (by the zodiac sign it’s in and the house position in the chart) over several months until it’s strong enough to act.

Example of a Relationship Horary Question

Recently a client asked; “Will my ex-boyfriend would come back and has he found someone else?” This is a very brave question because the answer could so easily be a painful one, but she was so determined to do whatever she had to do to become a better relationship partner and be in a great relationship, that it didn’t matter to her if it was with her ex, or someone new.

Her focus for many years had been her career and she had lost touch with her magnetic, receptive, feminine side. She noticed that she had actually become a “manager” in her relationship, dynamically managing her boyfriend just like she did her employees at work.

The chart showed that he was not coming back because he was not attracted to her physically anymore even though he loved her with his head (she fit his notion of a good woman). It also showed that he was becoming very interested in another person sexually, and would soon be with that person, but he was really most interested in his career and was not emotionally available for love.

It wasn’t easy telling her this, but she was glad to know because “hope” can really be a killer when it leads you to waste your valuable time hoping for something that will never happen (we had also done a Vedic Compatibility technique chart on their relationship that revealed that it wasn’t a compatible enough relationship to begin with anyway).

Horary Can Confirm Your Intuition

You have a feeling that he is a player even though he convincingly denies it every time you say something about it, you feel guilty for suspecting him. You don’t want to bring it up again, but you really don’t like feeling so insecure.

If he is a player, it will show in the Horary chart. In Horary relationship charts, the woman gets two planets, one that shows her head and one that shows her as “woman”, and the man gets two planets, one for his head and one for him as “man” (his trousers). Whoever asks the question (known as the querent) also gets the Moon which shows the querent’s heart.

If he IS a player, the planet that represents him as “man” will be with another planet other than the planets of the woman asking the question, or it will show that the planet representing him as man is in it’s own sign, meaning that he is sexually independent (uncommitted) and is playing the field.

There is something in Horary astrology called the “dignities” of the planets that shows the motivations for each planet relevant to the question asked, and in a chart where the question was “Can I trust him, or is he a player?”, his planets would show that the querent (woman asking the question) is but one of many women in his life. The sign his planet or planets are in will reveal how much intregity he has. For example, Mercury operates very well in the sign of Virgo, it’s “exaltation” (highest dignity for a planet), but is “debilitated” in the sign of Pisces. Mercury is an amoral planet at best in these types of questions, and when it’s in the sign of Pisces, this indicates a person of no intregrity).

When It’s Just You

If you have been cheated on in the past and have trouble trusting your partner or trusting your own perceptions; and the Horary question chart reveals your partner to be faithful, it will help you to see that you still need to do some inner healing work so you can really be present in your current relationship. Even more important, it can help you to stop punishing the one you are with now for the sins of a past lover.

Asking a Horary question is way cheaper and faster than hiring a private detective and it can tell you things a private detective can’t, such as how your lover really feels about you!

Here are some typical Horary relationship questions:

“My husband is being so sweet and supportive (they were separated), how long will it last before he reverts to previous behavior, or is this change permanent?”

“Will we see each other again (they lived in different states), and will the relationship be long-term?”

“How does she really feel about me?” (she was extremely beautiful, but he felt she wasn’t really “there”, and he was right, she wasn’t into him in the way he wanted his future wife to be).

These are just a few examples of the many types of questions that can be asked about love relationships, or any kind of relationship for that matter.

To read more about Horary and the other types of questions you can ask, go to the Horary page on this site.

(While you’re there, get a free print-out of your birth chart).


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