How to Pronounce “Horary”

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This is the second version my website, and this version now includes articles that I hope will be useful to you.

I will be writing on forms of astrology that you likely have not heard of before and that will bring insights into yourself, your relationships, your vocation(s), and your spiritual identity in a way that will be truly useful to you. For instance, there is a form of astrology called Horary, mastered by William Lilly in the 18th century, that is known for it’s amazing accuracy and is experiencing a revival now because of it’s accuracy and practicality. Chances are you have not even heard of this kind of astrology before, so this is how it’s pronounced: “whore-airy.” It’s a strange word, huh? It comes from the Latin word “Hora” meaning “hour.”

Horary, Jaimini Vedic and Vedic Compatibility Charts

There will be Horary, Jaimini Vedic and Vedic Compatibility chart examples, with just enough technical detail for those who are interested in the techniques, to show you examples of how other people were helped by these ancient forms of astrology, still so urgently relevant in today’s world.

I’ll try to keep up with what is happening with the people in the public eye that we are all interested in, and give some astrological reasons for personality traits or events that occur in their lives. Sometimes that is the easiest way to see how well the right kinds of astrology can work (and it’s fun too).

So the usual elements of the drama of life will be presented in an astrological light; love, sex, money, birth, death, etc., and how it relates to us all. When I’m not trying to being helpful, I hope to at least be entertaining.

FREE Giveaway Report Coming Soon

I’m working on a FREE Giveaway report for you on how to develop the benefits of the planet or planets that are best for you (it’s not the same for everyone) by asking yourself a series of questions on the day that corresponds to that planet (Monday=Moon, Tuesday=Mars, Wednesday=Mercury, Thursday=Jupiter, Friday=Venus, Saturday=Saturn and Sunday=Sun).

For instance, if you want to take better care of your body, house, or car (because they are stressing you out somehow), you would ask yourself questions like this on a Monday, the day that corresponds to the Moon, “Did I sit down and enjoy a good breakfast today,” or, “Is my bedroom truly a restful place (and not a stressful place filled with clutter and ghosts)?” You would write your answer to these questions, and then write a bit more on some small action you could take to improve your answers (suggestions are also provided). The following Monday, you would ask yourself these questions again to see how the small actions you took during the week cause the answers to change. Over a period of Mondays (a year is suggested), more of the positive qualities of the Moon will manifest in your life on a permanent basis.

This is especially useful if you were born when the Moon was not in good shape (details on this later). The way you can know the condition of the Moon in your chart is by the answer to those types of questions (or because you’ve had a consultation with me or another astrologer).

Along with these questions will be other recommended practices for syncing up to the positive power of the planet under discussion, and some other interesting tidbits about the planet from Parashara and Jaimini astrology that you’ve likely never heard before.

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