Do you want some real answers, not just hopeful-but-vague information that could apply to anyone?

You’ve read self-help books, you’ve talked to spiritual guides – but, while useful, they couldn’t answer your specific questions. Maybe you’ve even had an astrology reading before with a professional astrologer and you found it to be helpful, but your most important questions were STILL not answered.

A sampling of questions you may have asked before:

  • Will I get married? Will I marry my current significant other?
  • What is my right career, I can’t seem to find my way.
  • Is this the right business for me, when will I make a profit?
  • Why does everything seem to be going wrong and when will things get better?
  • Will I ever be successful, wealthy, respected, or famous?
  • Is this the right person to hire for the job? Is he/she honest, get along with co-workers, and stay if I invest in their training?
  • Will my marriage last, am I even with the right person?
  • Why don’t my relationships seem to work out?
  • Does my boyfriend/girlfriend really love me?
  • Is my ex with someone else now? Was he/she the right one for me?
  • Someone I love has disappeared from my life, are they okay?
  • Who are my best customers/clients, and where can I find them?
  • When is the best times of the year to start new business projects so they will be successful?

You can now find out what you REALLY want to know, in concrete, down-to-earth language.

With Divine Time Astrology, you can:

  • Zero right in on what is causing the problem
  • Answer your specific questions
  • Validate your gut feelings or intuition
  • Confirm, or discover what path you’re supposed to be on
  • Reveal the hidden, or spiritual reasons for things and the remedies to affect the outcome
  • Clarify relationship issues
  • Make sense of things that seem to make no sense
  • Be comforted by knowing that you and the universe are one and that all things work together for your good
  • Discover, or confirm the career that you are best suited to, and therefore, where you would create the most success

Why is Divine Time Astrology Different?

Modern, psychologically oriented astrology is very good for some things, and works best in the hands of a professional therapist, but only the older, classical astrology, both from the East (Vedic) and the West, are able to answer your specific questions in a concrete way.

In the 17th Century, really accurate and useful astrology was banned because of political and religious reasons, so astrologers were forced to make astrology more “acceptable” in order to stay out of jail! The way to do that was to stop making predictions of any kind and instead, make astrology about character delineation and New Age spirituality.

Well, the old-time astrology is being revived across the globe because of scholars in the field who are translating the ancient documents and making it available once again. While of a more concrete nature (the old-time astrology can actually tell you where you left your glasses), it can also be very psychologically astute, such as revealing whether your opponent in court will want to fight it out to the bitter end, or if he will cave early.

I believe that astrology is a gift given to us by the Divine, is a study of the Divine mind, and is meant to uplift, educate and bring us closer to the light. The Divine has not left us alone, but talks to us all the time in many ways; and while NOT meant to replace prayer or meditation, astrology is one of the clearest ways that the Divine talks to us.

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